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WeWork is embarking on a massive expansion

Sharing is simple when we’re talking about three or four people involved. But when a collective grows to Soviet size, for example, things can get dicey.

Co-working space WeWork currently has six locations in New York, two in San Francisco, and one in Los Angeles. By the end of this year, the company will add two locations in DC, two in Boston, and two more in New York, a rate of growth that’s rather head-turning, for what’s effectively a brick-and-mortar business.

So how does WeWork expand their membership and locations while still highlighting the “co-“?

“There’s no reason everybody wouldn’t want to work within the WeWork community if all of our companies are wildly successful,” Matthew Shampine, a cofounder of WeWork Labs, told us. “So the question becomes how do we do that?”

FullStart, a web publication WeWork launched earlier this month, is one part of that answer. Featuring stories from startups both in and outside the WeWork community, the pub offers everything from advice on avoiding pitfalls in entrepreneurship to video of Alexis Ohanian speaking about the beauty of not knowing what your doing.

“Our ultimate goal is to help member companies be more successful,” Shampine said.

You can check out FullStart here, and learn more about WeWork here.

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