What is it like to work for WeWork at WeWork? Find out.

A scene from WeWork's Charging Bull location

Working Large

Perhaps you’ve heard of WeWork? Of course you have.

Founded in 2010, the “community of creators” now boasts 57 coworking spaces in 17 cities internationally, with somewhere around 35,000 members. WeWork have their biggest footprint in New York – there are 18 locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with at least another two opening soon (just yesterday, it was announced the company had secured its first Downtown Brooklyn space).

So you probably know what it’s like to work at WeWork, but do you know what it’s like to work at WeWork? That’s not a riddle – while the coworking lifestyle has been well documented, the experience of working for the biggest coworking community in the world has not.

“It’s really important that we eat our own dog food,” Jesse Middleton, the cofounder of WeWork Labs and current VP of Product Innovation at WeWork, told us. “Almost all of us sit in the open spaces. I think [cofounder] Miguel [McKelvey] doesn’t even have a desk, he just hangs out on couches… Actually I think he just got one.

“But it’s crucial that we live the way our members do. We’re our largest member, so we use the same tech stack, book conference rooms and spaces the same way as everyone else. As a company, we’ve got to stay a WeWork member forever. We can’t lose that.”

If you’re interested in joining the team, they’ve got over sixty job openings in New York – check them out.

And Middleton is one of 20 featured speakers at tomorrow’s The Next Web Conference – find out more here.

Now go forth (and live large).