What on earth is a ‘Minternship’?

Bees!!!! (via GIPHY)

Fending Off The Overlords: If we can agree that artificial intelligence is poised to alter society as we know it, we can also likely agree that those alterations have the potential to be incredibly beneficial — or terrifyingly harmful. Enter the watchdogs: here’s Wired on a collection of companies that are building tools to keep AI advancements from spinning out of control. And here’s our listing of jobs in AI; proceed wisely.

A Fresh Start? Sure, you may not yearn for the days gone by when you interned, especially if you weren’t paid. But this FastCompany article posits that a grotesque mutation of the concept is on the rise: the “Minternship,” which refers to work-based learning opportunities for people already years into their careers. Presuming fair worker treatment and pay, however, minternships just might provide a much-needed pathway for individuals in need of a career reset.

Another Trendy Superfood: The world’s most valuable workforce is in decline, and no, we’re not talking about the Minterns again. As bee populations plummet, an Argentinian startup called Beeflow is deploying a nutrient-packed superfood for bees to increase their chances of survival as well as their daily productivity — not that those worker bees will get any thanks from the queen, of course.

And if you’re feeling like contributing to a more sustainable future, here are some job opps you might like.

Female Founders Found Here: Where in the United State are women-owned companies popping up most frequently? Washington, D.C. claims the throne in this Inc. rundown of American cities that boast the highest number of female-founded organizations. Following closely behind: New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. See the whole list here.