Will Tech’s Civil War End on Election Day?

Nintendo announced their new console yesterday, and people started losing their minds.

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

Only 18 Days Until the Election
Only last week, there was some speculation that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel had dropped his very public support for Donald Trump’s presidential run. But on Saturday, Thiel made his position clear, with a $1.25 million contribution to the Trump campaign. The fallout was swift, with both Y Combinator (where Thiel is an advisor) and Facebook (Thiel is the company’s longest-serving board member) forced into damage control mode.

Sam Altman, YC’s president, published a blog post announcing his support for Hillary Clinton and making clear, “Peter is a part-time partner at YC, meaning he spends a small fraction of his time advising YC companies, [and] does not have a vote in how YC is run…”

That didn’t prove enough for some. Ellen Pao’s Project Include broke off their relationship with YC. In a widely publicized tweet, VC Michael Dearing wrote, “Reached my limit today on YC self-adulation, absorption. Stick to what you do best: mis-educating founders about how business works.”

In a leaked memo, Mark Zuckerberg defended Facebook’s relationship with Thiel. Jeff Bezos, however, is less than impressed. And in a move that’s certain to quell everyone’s concern, a spokesperson for Thiel announced that Thiel will be addressing the controversy in a speech on, appropriately enough, Halloween.

Digital Etiquette for the 21st Century
If you ever discover that you’ve been disparaged as “smug”, “pompous”, and worse in leaked emails, follow Larry Lessig’s lead.

Jump the Wage Gap
Worried that you’re being underpaid? A new tool from Glassdoor suggests that it will determine your real market value.

Only 18 Days Until the Election, Part 2
A Russian hacker suspected of attacks on U.S. targets was arrested in the Czech Republic.

Everyone Is Branching Out
Facebook is doing food delivery and movie tickets now. WeWork is doing clothes shopping now. On the other hand, it’s possible that Apple is no longer doing a car.

This Could Be Big
Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a technique to convert CO2 into ethanol, which could prove critical in the fight against climate change.