Wing is a new sensor and app that checks for lung function | Upgrade

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Just Wing It

A smartphone can be used for all kinds of self-maintenance – the camera to check for messy hair, for instance, or for stray sesame seeds caught in one’s teeth.

For the estimated 25 million Americans that suffer from asthma, there’s a new way to use smartphones to check for something far more vital: lung function.

Wing is a sensor that plugs directly into a smartphone’s headphone jack and connects with a companion app.

Users blow into the sensor to receive readings of FEV1, which measures how much air they can blow out in one second, and peak flow, which measure how fast they can blow out air.

Given the sudden and unpredictable nature of asthma attacks, this provides users the opportunity to detect early warning signs.

Created by St. Louis digital health startup Sparo Labs, Wing boasts a team of medical advisors ranging from pulmonologists to allergists and more. Currently, the device is in the process of gaining FDA approval.

Wing is also in the midst of crowdfunding on IndieGoGo – you can reserve a Wing for $89, with an estimated delivery date of August 2016, here.

Now go forth (and breathe easy).