Wizbang Job – Viceroy Sought

The design / development job opening at Contently

The shark’s been jumped and the ship’s been sailed on rockstars and ninjas. Yes, dear employer, we understand that you’re seeking a talented so-and-so to do this or that. But must we still call them rockstars? or ninjas? We mustn’t. (More on that later.) We were delighted to get this tip over the transom: Contently is seeking a viceroy of Front End.

A viceroy! Not the butterfly, or the smokes. The real deal: a regally-appointed governor of some territory. In this case, the territory in question is the entire Front End. Big, big territory. But yours to look after.

It’s quite a thing, this job. Contently’s put a stake down at the intersection of these giant trends: (i) the swell of journalists looking for freelance work in the digital world, many seeking refuge from print’s melting ice cube, and (ii) brands have discovered the mystical powers of good content and seek freelance pros to make the stuff. Contently matches the two and already works with American Express, Mint.com, and other brands.

Said Viceroy should make beautiful web things and lead both design and front end development. Not an easy find, we appreciate. But it is a viceroy, after all.

Dig in more.

Now go forth (and be regal…or viceregal).



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