A World Without Phones

Imagine a world without all this convenience (Via Giphy)

Useless Invention

Turns out the mobile phone inventors didn’t think their creation would take off.

Read the thoughts of the Motorola team that built it in 1972 here.

Plenty of innovative jobs in telecom here from Shopify, C3, Twilio, Buzzfeed, and more.


Stand and Deliver

Standing desks. We’ve known they’re good for you. But now they’re actually good-looking and feature-rich.

Wirecutter has a detailed review of the best in class. Check it out here.


Sultans of Swing

Nothing beats a live show.

And Dice’s platform helps you find the best shows near you. The London-based company is hiring stateside: for both Managing Director and Acccount Manager in LA.

See all roles here.


Everybody Work Now

Economists are talking about the US economy reaching “full employment”. Here’s a slightly wonky read on the topic.

But we aren’t fooled. We know even if you have a job, odds are you don’t love it. Uncubed is here to help.

There are now 40,000+ jobs in tech, digital, and innovation on the searchable Uncubed Job Board.


BBQ Boat

A longtime summer tradition at Uncubed is to look at absurd summer barbeque tech. This may take the cake.

What we have here folks is a giant floating barbeque (the term of art is a “waterborne cookout,” apparently). And it’s $50,000. Fifty grand! But not to worry – batteries, trolling motor, and 10 place setting included.

Alright everyone…have a great 4th, even if stuck on land with the rest of us. And be safe out there.