Yelp wants you to move out

Coming soon: Escape from Mom’s House w/ Kurt Russell (via Giphy)

Apply if your favorite ‘80s wrestler is Repo Man

Sonatype is the company behind the world-famous Nexus repo manager, and they’re hiring a Front-End Engineer. Working remotely in an Agile development-driven culture, you’ll bring your expertise in Angular and/or Ext JS as well as your ability to work across the full stack as needed.

Don’t run right past these FitTech internships

Strava is an app that helps runners and cyclists track performance, and now they’re looking for a few software engineering interns to go the distance on their iOS and Android teams. 

Candidates with experience using Swift/C/Objective-C (iOS) or Java/Kotlin (Android) should be ready to spend three months of their summer designing and implementing systems upgrades. You’ll also participate in Strava Jams (not the edible kind), where teams have four uninterrupted days to hack the project of their choosing.

This company is sitting on a gold mine but needs a diamond in the rough

Careers at game maker Pocket Gems start with 10-week internships for master’s degree candidates, like this Product Manager opportunity. You’ll write feature specs, design and wireframe new features, and own the analysis, testing, and optimizing of your features to drive financial results.

First you analyze, then you optimize

An artist named Meatloaf once sang about seeing paradise by the dashboard light, and we’re pretty sure he was hinting at the power of analytics.

If studying data and being on a first-name basis with Excel sheets is your gravy train, Endurance is searching for a Website Analytics and Optimization Associate. You should have 2+ years of experience developing analytics dashboards, solutions, and strategies across digital marketing platforms and ecosystems.

If you’d prefer an internship or co-op focused on data extraction rather than analytics, and if you have coursework in cybersecurity and Java or Python, Basis is bringing on a Digital Forensics Intern or Co-Op for its 6-month program beginning January 2021.

Yelp will pay you to move out of your parents’ house

Moving out of your childhood home is a rite of passage when adulting. Yelp acknowledges the struggle – especially in today’s economy – and is offering some lucky folks who are currently living with their parents $2,000 to help them move out, according to CNBC. You can enter Yelp’s contest here.

If you’d fancy a career at Yelp in addition to finding a new pad, then watch Uncubed’s “Job Tips Q&A” with a member of Yelp’s recruiting team, Hugo Organista.