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Disney had Mickey. Murdoch has Bart.

Yext is a tech monster just waiting to happen

The typical spin-off goes one of two directions – very well or very badly. Among the good, there’s The Simpsons, spun off from The Tracey Ullman Show. And then there’s Baywatch Nights– and the less-said about that the better.

Count New York’s Yext among the spinoff success stories. The 200-person company works with small businesses and major corporations to manage their business listings across more than 50 search engines, social nets, and listings sites.

Founded in 2006, Yext began life as B2B pay-per-call advertising service, growing to over 100 employees. Seeing an opportunity in locations services, the Yext team decided to give it a try.

“We took five people into a room and started a lean startup within the company,” Yext co-founder and CEO Howard Lerman told us. “As that started growing we decided to split the companies and run them independently.”

In 2012, they sold the pay-per-call service to IAC for $30 million, and began pursuing location services exclusively.

The company continues to innovate. “We invent markets,” Lerman said. “And come up with features that our customers don’t always know they want until they see it. At the same time we happen to be the market leader, and that’s a rare combination.”

Yext is hiring for 18 open positions out of their swanky One Madison Avenue offices. Get all the details here.

Now go forth (and don’t get dizzy).

Nitty Gritty:

81: # of Tracey Ullman episodes

528: # of Simpsons episodes (thus far)

George Clinton: Composer of the Tracey Ullman theme song


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