You can rent your own Robocop, thanks to Knightscope

Image courtesy Knightscope

Full Metal Jacket

Every futuristic police state gets the law-enforcement robot it deserves. In 1987, RoboCop patrolled the fictional streets of Detroit. Now the real streets of America have their own robotic security, though the units look more dalek than a cyborg.

Knightscope’s K5 unit is an autonomous surveillance machine, capable of patrolling, gathering data, and alerting authorities of suspicious behavior. Nearly five feet tall and equipped with wheels, the bots work in any ADA accessible area, such as shopping centers, corporate campuses, and retail stores.

For the founders of Knightscope, the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School spurred a desire to make surveillance easier.

According to a study released after the tragedy, “if we could’ve gotten officers in the school 60 seconds sooner, we could’ve saved as many as twelve lives,” cofounder Stacy Dean Stephens told us. Thus, Stephens and co-founder William Li worked on creating “actionable intelligence” to alleviate the lack of security in schools and other community centers.

The K5 works in tandem with the KSOC interface, or Knightscope Security Operations Center. By alerting an operator through the system, the K5 allows for better strategic deployment of human resources, while handling the tasks of patrolling an area or scanning license plates.

Knightscope is currently finishing up a mobile version of their KSOC interface, so security officers can monitor their units on the go. A K5 can be rented out for only $6.25 per hour.

You can learn more about Knightscope here.

Now go forth (and fear the future).