You Won’t Believe What Showed Up In Trunk Club’s Box

Trunk Club gets some surprises in the mail

If Charlie Sheen were your pen pal, it wouldn’t shock you to get some bizarre stuff in the mail. But for a darling of Chicago’s tech scene, correspondence with their customers managed to provide a few unexpected surprises.

Trunk Club is a personalized shopping service for men that mails subscribers “trunks” of clothes. They select clothes based on conversations with an assigned stylist – and customers return the items they don’t want. Pretty straightforward, no?

Apparently not – there was a period when people returned weird things in their trunks. Very weird things.

“It was bizarre,” John Tucker, VP, Member Experience said. “People sent us baby clothes [which we don’t sell], women’s clothes (which we don’t sell), a knife, and cash,” he said. The strangest item? “One guy sent us a dozen loaves of moldy bread.”

It’s clear that these surprises haven’t slowed the company down. Trunk Club recently moved into a gleaming 29,000 square foot space in River North, hired former Ebay executive Rob Chesney as COO, and just crossed the 100 employee mark.

Trunk Club’s hiring (swiftly). Check out their open positions. (Pro tip: Tucker tells us they’re hoping to add 4-5 stylists per month.)

Now go forth (and check the mail).

Nitty Gritty:

200,000+: Number of vehicles operated by the USPS

175BB: Pieces of mail processed by the USPS annually

8.2MM: Number of Charlie Sheen followers on Twitter


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