You’ll never look at Brooklyn the same way again

That's Park Slope today. (Alonzo Chappel's 1858 painting Battle of Long Island)

Brooklyn's New Heights

If you live in Brooklyn, you’re probably familiar with the Trader Joe’s on Court Street in Cobble Hill. You’ve also likely figured out that it used to be a bank.

But you might not be aware that it was on that very location in August 1776 that General George Washington stood atop a hill to survey his troops fighting the Battle of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn 1776 is an iOS game that hopes to appeal to both history buffs and strategy gamers alike. The tactical war game challenges you to keep the struggling Continental Army alive and afloat against a British force twice the size.

Developed by New York-based consulting team Creative Good, the game is the brainchild of that company’s founder, Mark Hurst. “I’ve had the game in my head for a number of years,” Hurst told us, “after reading the David McCullough book 1776… Finally this year I was able to hire a small game development team.

“One of the most challenging aspects was a seemingly simple question,” Hurst said. “What does it mean to be historically accurate in a game? We had to find a layer of accuracy that would reflect the challenge that Washington faced and convey that on an abstract game board.”

You can learn more about Brooklyn 1776 and download the game here.


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