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Your tech skills are good for more than just helping fix your parents' printer

Formany of us with tech skills, the only time we use that expertise to help someone out is when our parents can’t get the printer to work. Turns out it’s possible to do a lot more than just help Mom inkjet a take-out menu.

#charity helps IT pros donate their time and skill to non-profits and NGOs in need of website or technical assistance. After connecting with LinkedIn, volunteers are matched with projects through #charity’s very own algorithm.

The startup was cofounded by Jozsef Czapovics, head of engineering at the Budapest-based Prezi. After discovering that his team could fix a long-standing problem for an NGO in less than a day, he and a team of 10 soft-launched the site last year. Having raised a $250,000 round of funding, they plan an official unveiling next month.

And while #charity is great for improving the karma points of skilled devs, the platform can also serve as a springboard for young techies looking for work.

“We will introduce reputational perks over time,” head of marketing Franziska Becker said, “which will help especially young engineers and designers in building their professional portfolio and show that they are part of a community of #ITprosWhoCare.”

Want to share your skills? You can sign up for #charity here.

Now go forth (and dev it forward).

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