You’ve seen that Bowie Gif 100 times. Here’s where it comes from.

Image courtesy Helen Green

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As the States woke up to the news that rock god David Bowie had died, our social media feeds slowly began to fill with pictures of the impossibly iconic star.

But the Instagram eulogizer is left with one big problem – there are just so many looks from which to choose, from classic Ziggy to hanging with Jerry Seinfeld.

Hence the popularity of a gif featuring 29 of Bowie’s most iconic, and occasionally absurd, looks. You know the one…

gif of david bowie

The gif is the brainchild of UK illustrator Helen Green, who created 29 mini-drawings of Bowie’s inventions and reinventions from 1964 to 2014.

After the gif went viral in January last year, Green explained her process on Bowie’s official Facebook page. “It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to create something to celebrate David Bowie’s birthday,” she wrote, “a little token of appreciation for someone that has inspired me so much over the years… Each pencil drawing was coloured digitally and animated in Photoshop, and took around 35 hours in total (though much of that time was spent finding references where David was facing in a specific direction).”

You can pick up a black and white print of the illustrations or go full color, starting at $15.

Now go forth (and freak out in a moonage daydream).