Zappos experiments with killing the traditional job posting

"According to Sex and the City, these will make us happy."

Shoe In

Last week Las Vegas-based ecommerce phenomenon Zappos killed the traditional job posting; in its place they’ve created a social network – Zappos Insider –  where hopefuls can prove their devotion to the company, and, presumably, score a job.

Applicants – sorry, Insiders – can learn more about the company culture, talk with Zappos Ambassadors, interact with employees, and more closely engage with the brand.

“A job posting is that bright shiny object in the room that distracts from the real conversation and networking to be had,” Stacy Zapar, Zappos’ head of Social Recruiting and Employer Branding, wrote in a LinkedIn post. “[With Zappos Insider] people can… talk to real people with real names and real faces, get to know us and allow us to get to know them. Our Insiders are people who might like to work for Zappos someday… today, tomorrow or at some point in the future.”

This is not Zappos’ first move suggesting the company is more of a grand social experiment than an ecommerce business. In December of last year, the 1,500-person business went holacratic – a “self-governing operating system” with no job titles or managers. They also pay new employees to quit.

If you’re interested in working for Zappos, you can sign up for Insider here.


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