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Zero Energy Furniture’s Climatic Table stores and releases heat to keep rooms cool

Image courtesy ZEF

Air To The Throne

We’ll use just about anything to stay cool during the summer months – an air conditioner, a fan, even a bag of frozen peas.

Thanks to a pair of French designers behind Zero Energy Furniture, soon you may simply need a table.

The Climatic Table is an oak conference table, featuring phase-changing wax on the underside that stores heat by softening when a room’s temperature rises above 71 degrees Fahrenheit. When the room cools below 71, the material hardens and releases the stored heat back into the room.

Considering both the $11 billion annual cost of a.c. for American homeowners, and the estimated 100 million tons of carbon dioxide that a.c. units release into the air each year, the Climatic Table could offer a significantly lower impact alternative. The team says the table can reduce up to 30 percent of the energy used by air conditioning, and 60 percent of that used by heating.

“We wanted to see if it was possible to address climate and energy issues on a furniture scale,” designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange said.

The Zero Energy Furniture team expects to make the Climatic Table available for purchase later this year, though an exact date is not yet set. You can keep up with their progress here.

Now go forth (and keep cool).


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