“Uncubed” Jobs for the Week of Dec 8, 2014

Fueled's NYC office. Credit: Fueled Collective

Hi all,
The end of the year’s just a few weeks away, but we’re not slowing down just yet. And neither is the hiring. Below is the latest batch of 12 uncubed companies hiring interns and entry-level roles (among others)…
Have a great week,
– Brian & The Uncubed Team

Los Angeles

Jobs @ Omaze, Screen-Bridge, Retention Science
* People love meeting celebrities, and Omaze leverages that fact to raise money for charity. You can leverage this posting to land a sweet internship – Omaze has four available in Business Operations, Campaigns, Graphic Design, and Video Production. Looking for full-time? They’re seeking a Campaign Coordinator, Sports Campaign Coordinator, and Community Manager.

Screen-Bridge wants to change the way we watch TV, so naturally they’re hiring young and looking for a part-time intern who wants to address the challenges presented to traditional television.

* Aspiring data scientists, look no further: Retention Science wants an intern with your skill-set to help achieve their mission of giving marketing teams access to advanced data science to target, engage, and retain customers.
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Jobs @ Zest Health, UrbanBound, SpotHero
* Zest Health is a cloud-based platform with accompanying mobile apps that focuses on preventative care and disease management to improve member well-being. Their open roles range from Marketing Intern (qualifications include “You think the current health care system is awful” and “You watch Silicon Valley ironically”) to Data Integration Engineer (1-2 years exp) and Sales Associate.

* UrbanBound makes employee relocation easier, but if you’re based in Chicago, no move is needed. They’re looking for a Biz Dev Intern to help implement a new partnership process nationwide and onboard new clients from beginning to end. As for full-time, the growing team’s seeking an Account Rep, Freelance Writer, and Relocation Consultant – Customer Service (among other roles).

* Remember SpotHero from Chicago Uncubed? Well the folks saving time, money, you from parking stress. aims to take the pain out of parking, so here’s a pain-free link to their operations internship listing.
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New York City

Jobs @ Tasting Table, Fueled, SelectNY

* If you want a “taste” of startup culture, or a seat at the proverbial startup “table,” we’ll stop blabbering and just link you to Tasting Table‘s Communications internship.

* Let’s add some “Fueled” to the fire. Sorry, we’ll stop. But their Marketing internship is certainly worth a look.

* SelectNY is looking for a Planning Intern. No puns here. Just a great opportunity at an innovative agency.

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San Francisco

Jobs @ iodine, Getaround, Veeva

iodine knows that better health care starts with better knowledge. We know they’ve got two junior roles and an internship in web hacking and engineering.

Getaround wants people to share cars, and also wants both a Design Intern and Marketing Intern.

* And be sure to ignore anyone who told you to get your head out of the cloud – Veeva‘s all about it, and has a litany of new grad and intern opportunities in both Pleasanton and beyond.