Employer Branding with Video: Examples + How To Get Started

Bar none, the most important attribute of a strong employer brand is authenticity.

When aiming to reach a talent pool that’s more digitally savvy and averse to artifice than ever before, your employer branding team needs to ensure that all messaging and outreach provides a genuine look at what it means to work at your company.

That means opening up the hood, and giving candidates an inside look at what makes your company tick.

(And no, that doesn’t mean you need to publish your team’s passwords. We highly suggest you don’t.)

That’s why now is the perfect time to invest time and resources into the most powerful medium for promoting an authentic employer brand: employer branding video.

Today’s best employer brands are pushing beyond the traditional, cookie-cutter recruiting video, and producing imaginative and insightful video content to attract (and hold) the attention of the most talented and relevant candidates.

It’s also entirely versatile. One short video can be used on your careers page, blog, candidate engagement emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, SMS, and more.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to show the variety of approaches a company can take in producing impactful employer branding video.


This Is How Peloton Raced to Launch Their New Treadmill in Time

Launching their new treadmill at CES 2018 wasn’t simply a time crunch for the Peloton team. It also involved some serious collaboration among the hardware, software, and production teams. Hear from Maureen (Sr. PM), Betina (Software Manager), John (Sr. Mechanical Engineer) and Nick (Dir. of Production) at Peloton about the process.

This Peloton employer branding video gives candidates a captivating behind-the-scenes look at what went into launching their new treadmill. Sure, the product itself is especially splashy, which can help employer branding videos reach a wider audience — but what makes this video stand out is the fact that it humanizes the team behind the product, and allows candidates to more easily envision themselves joining that team.

Recently, Peloton released a beautiful, global branding video designed entitled “Together We Go Far”. The employer branding video is designed to attract multiple skill sets by focusing on the unique teams that work together to bring Peloton to life. By focusing on the unique work that each team is contributing, Peloton can ensure that its talent funnel is readily filled with eager candidates.


A chief purpose of employer branding video is to get candidates to engage with your company. IBM’s “The Vault” certainly accomplished that goal by laying the ground-rules for an interactive game intended to test viewers’ logical and analytical skills. “The Vault” is wholly unique, memorable, and targets a pool of potential applicants who are drawn to the type of problem solvers required to work at IBM.


The what — as in what a company does — can be easily communicated through any medium. The why — as in why what the company does matters — often isn’t so easily expressed. Digital freight forwarder and customs broker Flexport empowers founder Ryan Peterson to tackle the why with vigor and verve in this slick Freethink video. Sure, an “About Us” page might adequately explain Flexport’s origins and purpose. But watch Peterson’s eyes light up as he breaks down his vision for Flexport, and tell us with a straight face that you’re not inspired. We’ll wait.


Showcasing the benefits that your company offers can result in a powerful employer branding video — so long as you look beyond the organic snacks, of course. Etsy hones in on its paid parental leave program, managing to speak both to current and future parents. This video humanizes the Etsy team and highlights the company’s values. Additionally, it focuses on the type of perk that is particularly attractive to working moms. A win across the board.


HotJar certainly earns plenty of style points for their slick, effects-heavy video recap of their company meetup in Tenerife. A key component of HotJar’s employee value proposition is that their team is fully distributed — this of course means that much of their target candidate base is comprised of digital nomads or applicants who prefer location independence. In just 90 seconds, this video shows that HotJar still creates community by organizing company meetups, while also appealing to the work-to-live ethos that many remote workers possess.

Oden Technologies

The team at Oden Technologies is working on some pretty heady stuff, ranging from machine learning to edge computing to automated manufacturing. By using employer branding video to break down what exactly all of these tools mean for the future of manufacturing, Oden Technologies positions themselves as a more accessible potential employer, reaching a wider pool of talent.


“Freedom and responsibility” is an excellent example of a strong, concise employee value proposition, and Netflix uses employer branding video here to take a deeper look of what those three words mean to an array of Netflix employees. Again: candidates trust the POV of team members whose roles more closely resemble their own. This video does a great job of highlighting employees at all levels — not just the bosses.


You could argue that 2013’s Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson flick The Internship was a feature-length employer branding video for Google. But with all due respect to the widely-panned buddy comedy, we think this mini-doc style look at a Google internship class’s first week on the job does a better job of showing potential applicants what it’s really like to set foot on Google’s Mountain View campus for the first time.

An aspiring intern is going to have far different questions about a professional opportunity than a more experienced hire would. By creating content that’s targeted at a specific subset of applicants, you can more effectively address these questions, and give yourself a leg up in the race for candidates of every experience level.


Hey, not every employer branding video requires a bloated production budget. GoPro’s clever office soccer video provides an authentic view of daily life at their headquarters, gives a tour of the space, and of course, integrates their product. There’s no hard sell here: just a fun look at employees goofing around. For some, that’s a more insightful window than any heavily scripted video could provide.


When it comes to attracting engineers, we recommend highlighting some of the technical challenges your team faces and the tools your team likes to use — this approach is far more likely to catch a candidate’s attention that a generic listing of perks and responsibilities. This Patreon employer branding video peels back the curtain on some of the security issues they face, while demonstrating how Amazon Web Services tools fit into their tech stack. Specificity is always a positive when it comes to employer branding designed to reach a particular candidate profile, and there’s no better medium for creating targeted content than video.

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