Issue #22: Handpicked Entry-Level Jobs & Internships + You Make Us Proud

You make us proud.

The number of inspirational and supportive emails we received after last week’s Entry was heartwarming. Thank you for being such a kind, caring, and unsatisfied (which we mean in the best possible way) community.

Keep building, keep pushing, and keep caring. And let us know if/how we can help.

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Fluent: The Agile Acquisition Engine
Fluent is a fast-growing company that’s transforming online advertising. Their customer acquisition platform uses real-time, self-reported consumer insights to help clients reach, acquire, and retain their ideal customers.

It’s very worth noting that their data is considered “first-party,” which means that they themselves collect it, and you yourself provide it. This usually leads to more relevant marketing.

This is different from “third-party” data, which is often when your information is bought and sold without you knowing, and all of a sudden you’re receiving emails or ads for a service you never signed up for or the pet you never had.

Fluent is hiring for a few roles, but most relevant to the Entry community are their Media Analyst role (only 1+ years exp required, must <3 #s) and their Graphic Designer role (listed as 3+, but a strong portfolio might change their minds).

👉 Learn more, watch their wacky (at first) video, + apply here. 👈


This week, rather than include a sample interview question, we wanted to share a really helpful “article” with you about preparing for coding interviews.

Brace yourself… it’s a 29-minute read according to Medium. And that doesn’t include the other resources and articles it links to.

But it’s awesome. Written by Yangshun Tay, a Front-End Engineer at Facebook, it covers everything from picking your programming language to practice question tips to interview formats to… you’ll see.

👉 Bookmark this website. 👈

LIFE TIP (via SuccessConsciousness)

Always look at what you have done, not at what you haven’t.

Often you’ll begin your day with a list of several things to do. But at the end of the day, you might feel frustrated and unhappy if you haven’t been able to accomplish all of those things. This is unfair to yourself. Be sure to focus on what you did get done during that time and what you were able to accomplish.

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