Issue #28: Handpicked Entry-Level Jobs & Internships + The Internet’s Deepest & Darkest Fight

The deepest and darkest of the internet are going after the deepest and darkest of the internet.

The company made famous for letting you hold an elephant in your hand ships its first mixed-reality headset today.

And Elon Musk may take his ball and go home – a really good case study for y’all as you consider the next company you’ll work for: private or public, how to think about equity and stock options in your compensation package, companies of “now” vs. companies of “the future,” etc.

For everyone joining tonight, we’re excited to see you there. For everyone who can’t make it, we have two MASSIVE surprises coming your way.

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This week is a Tinder takeover:



A robot on an infinite grid starts at point (0, 0) and faces north. The robot can receive one of three possible types of commands:

  • -2: turn left 90 degrees
  • -1: turn right 90 degrees
  • 1 <= x <= 9: move forward x units

Some of the grid squares are obstacles.

The i-th obstacle is at grid point (obstacles[i][0], obstacles[i][1])

If the robot would try to move onto them, the robot stays on the previous grid square instead (but still continues following the rest of the route.)

Return the square of the maximum Euclidean distance that the robot will be from the origin.

Walking Robot Simulation - Examples


  1. 0 <= commands.length <= 10000
  2. 0 <= obstacles.length <= 10000
  3. -30000 <= obstacle[i][0] <= 30000
  4. -30000 <= obstacle[i][1] <= 30000
  5. The answer is guaranteed to be less than 2 ^ 31.

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