Issue #57: Handpicked Entry-Level Jobs & Internships + Flying & Self-Driving Cars

Are you familiar with the phrase “reinventing the wheel”? Well, Goodyear is trying to do just that, anticipating a future with flying cars.

Speaking of the future of cars… researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have released a paper investigating “whether state-of-the art object detection systems have equitable predictive performance on pedestrians with different skin tones.”

IOW: Could a person’s skin tone affect whether an autonomous vehicle detects them or not? A scary but super-important question to consider.

Summary of the paper + proposed solution here, and full paper here.

(H/T Bie Aweh for bringing attention to this paper, and further stressing the importance of inclusive data sets and considering potential biases within data sets.)

And speaking of rethinking how autonomous vehicles think… “could unsupervised A.I. enable autonomous cars to learn as they go?

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