Issue #67: How can we make Uncubed Entry better for you?

Due to some Gogo Inflight Internet issues last week, our 66-week streak was unfortunately broken 🙁

But we’re back this week with a question. Well, a few questions. And a lot of GIFs.

Now that semesters are over, summer is here, some of you have graduated, and some of you are starting internships or full-time jobs, we want to know…

What can we do to make Uncubed Entry an even more valuable resource for you, and for other students and recent grads?

It’s a quick (scientifically), fun (objectively) survey that takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Or less than 10 minutes if you include love letters and/or hate mail.

As a “thank you” for completing this survey – in addition to making Uncubed Entry even more awesome than it already is – we’re giving away three “Thank You” packages at random.

Some of the questions are about us, most of the questions are about you, and just like your finals, we suspect that you’ll know all of the answers.

So please click here to help us help you and the broader Uncubed community.

With love and GIFs,