Finding a Job That’s a Good Fit

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Taylor Crane
Hello Alfred

Photo of Shawn Vo

Taylor Crane is the Senior Product Manager at Hello Alfred, a company that hires folks to help you with your home errands. He’s also worked at Originate where he started as a Product Manager and then became the Senior Product Manager.

Shawn Vo

Photo of Shawn Vo

Shawn Vo is the CTO and co-founder for Axel, a company that is implementing door-to-door ground transportation for long distance travel. Before this he was a Full Stack Developer at Fintria and a Financial Technology Consultant at Nfinity.

David Wang

Photo of David Wang

David Wang is a Product Manager for Handy, a company that connects individuals looking for household services with independent service professionals. Prior to this he found himself exploring different work cultures via internships at companies like Vice, Hulu, and AOL.

Chanelle Davis

Photo of Chanelle

Chanelle Davis is the Community Manager at Uncubed. Having been an RA in her last year at Cal (that’s UC Berkeley for my non-Californians), she really enjoyed being a guide and resource for peers and is utilizing her platform here at Uncubed to continue to be of service to students.

The number of cool companies to work for is only growing, so how do you find the right fit? We’ll help you start to think about what it is you value in a company before you invest too much time applying for a job only to find out you can’t bring your dog with you to work (what a deal breaker, am I right?).


Join Uncubed for a panel about finding a job that will best fit your needs!
Wednesday, March 7 from 7-8PM EST.


Can’t attend?
RSVP anyway, and we’ll email you a recording of this webinar after.