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How does Uncubed help companies source and hire talent, and why should my company use it?

Uncubed is a video-first job platform. We feel the basic job posting is limited in terms of helping applicants get to know a company and helping companies understand applicant intent. With video, you can see which content a candidate watches, and effectively how interested they are in your company. Plus, video draws in candidates and humanizes the application process for them.

Uncubed curates high-quality candidates from our audience and delivers them directly to your team. Your company pays only when you make a hire, and our rates are competitive to traditional staffing firms.

Who is in the Uncubed audience?

The Uncubed audience is a diverse, tech-driven group over 300,000 and growing, located across the country with large concentrations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Our primary audience is active job seekers, however a meaningful percentage of our community value Uncubed as a go-to resource to discover new companies and learn valuable skills and techniques.

Approximate demographic breakdown:

  • 59% women, 41% men
  • 46% ages 25 – 44
  • 90% have at least a college degree
  • 37% report being in a management position

How much does it cost to be featured on Uncubed?

The primary Uncubed offering has a small annual production and hosting fee of $5,000, which includes unlimited job postings, distribution throughout the Uncubed audience (website, social and email), and up to 3 fully-produced videos. Each additional video costs $999.

Upon making a hire, a success-fee starting at 12.5% is due upon receipt.

Uncubed also provides custom packages for customers with unique needs.

For our audience members and applicants, Uncubed is free.

Do I receive a refund if a candidate hired through Uncubed quits?

If your company paid for a hire based on Uncubed’s contingency hiring offering, you are entitled to a full refund if a candidate is fired or leaves within the first 60 days.

If a candidate hired through Uncubed quits or is fired after a period of 60 days or is laid off at any point, then the company is no longer entitled to a refund.

If your company is on a custom payment plan that does not include contingency pricing, then you are not entitled to a refund of any kind.

What job types does Uncubed feature on the job board?

Uncubed features all job types at all levels. We feature jobs at innovative companies hiring for today’s in-demand roles in engineering, operations, sales, design, and more.

How can I get my company featured on Uncubed’s job board or in the newsletter?

Companies featured on the job board have signed up for Uncubed video and/or hiring packages. To get more information, reach out to our sales team at [email protected].

Either way, once your company films video with us, we host the videos on our interactive job board alongside of all of your open positions. Similarly, we feature companies from our job board in our daily email newsletters, Uncubed Daily and Uncubed Jobs & Skills.

How does Uncubed curate candidates for my company’s open job positions?

For success-fee clients, we first meet with your team to understand your hiring needs and criteria for each open position. Once your jobs and/or videos launch on Uncubed, we promote them to our audience and encourage them to apply for your open positions.

Uncubed reviews each applicant and selects only the best-fit candidates to send to your team on a regular basis. We’ll also reach out to passive candidates on your behalf who we feel are a fit for your company.

How does the video production process work?

The video production process is simple and you can see how it works by watching this video.

First, our team schedules a call to learn about your hiring needs and discuss ideas for content. Then we’ll schedule an in-person rehearsal to further refine content and meet with your team. We’ll take less than 30 minutes of each speaker’s time.

On filming day, two to three members of the Uncubed team come to your office to film each video and b-roll footage of your office. A typical shoot of 3 videos/speakers takes 3 hours. You can view a sample shoot schedule here.

After filming, our production team will get you video edits within 1 week so your team can review and approve before publishing.

How much input does my company have on the video content Uncubed produces?

Your company has total creative control over the video content, but the Uncubed team can be as involved as you like. From suggesting topics to working on video narration, or even helping you finesse your ideas, we’re here to make sure your videos are the best they can be.

You will also be able to review all of the videos before they launch on Uncubed. We won’t publish anything without your approval.

And we promise, we’ll make you and your team look fantastic with as little stress to you as possible!

Can I request that videos be removed or added to our company page and in the Uncubed video library?

Yes. We understand there could be a number of sensitive reasons whereby a video should no longer be made available to the public. Simply contact your account manager should this be the case, and we’ll remove the video(s) promptly.

To add additional videos after the initial production session, there is a fee of $3,000 for each additional production session, which includes up to 3 videos.

However, in the event you have your own video team, you may create the video content at no charge or a smaller fee, should it requires additional editing from our team.

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