IBM Cognitive Computing Jobs

Below are the job tracks available at IBM through The Cognitive Computing Odyssey:


Software Engineer
Cognitive Software Engineer
Front-End Developer
DevOps Engineer
Data Scientist (No More Spots Remain)



Software Engineer
Coding Challenge Available In: C++, C#, Java, Python, Scala
  • The Software Engineer track includes specializations in Backend/Server Systems Programming, Cloud-Based Development, Automation & Testing, Client-Facing Solutions Development, and Client-Facing Tech Support (click here for details about each)
  • You’ll work with a variety of relational databases (SQL, Postgres, DB2, MongoDB) and operating systems (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android).
  • You are great at solving problems, debugging, troubleshooting, designing and implementing solutions to complex technical issues.
  • Must have basic knowledge of software development and programming in one of the following: Java, C++, C#, C, Python, or Scala



Cognitive Software Engineer (Master’s or Ph.D. preferred)
Coding Challenge Available In: Java, Python
  • Create learning systems that enable humans and machines to perform better than either humans or machines alone
  • Create and maintain machine learning models with a focus on big data
  • Work in an Agile, collaborative environment to understand requirements, design, code, and test innovative applications in areas like machine learning, computational linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), advanced and semantic information search, extraction, induction, classification, and exploration
  • Assist with implementing, testing, and improving algorithms in these areas
  • Must have basic knowledge of software development and programming in one of the following languages: Java or Python


Front-End Developer
Coding Challenge Available In: Javascript, Python, Ruby
  • Front-End Developers are responsible for an application’s user-facing code and the architecture of its immersive user experiences (UX). This involves designing and developing web, software, mobile apps, prototypes, or proofs of concepts.
  • Work in an Agile, collaborative environment to understand requirements, design, code, and test high-quality web and mobile apps containing rich content and user interface (UI) components
  • Work closely with UX designers to take wireframes and mockups from conception to implementation
  • Identify specific UI issues, recommend and implement solutions that influence and improve design
  • You’ve used modern frameworks such as Backbone.js, AngularJS, React, Ember.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, and/or JQuery, and you’re familiar with current UI development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Sass, and JSON.
  • Must have basic knowledge of software development and programming in one of the following languages: Javascript, Python, or Ruby



DevOps (Development + Operations) Engineer
Coding Challenge Available In: Bash, Java, Python, Ruby
  • Work in an Agile, collaborative environment to build, deploy, configure, and maintain systems, which may include software installations, updates, and core services
  • Work with development teams to enable a continuous integration environment that sustains high productivity levels and emphasizes defect prevention techniques
  • Automate and optimize processes, using tools like Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Gradle, Chef, Puppet, Docker, and UrbanCode
  • Design and implement tools for automated deployment and monitoring of multiple environments
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in development, test, and production instances
  • Familiar with operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Must have basic understanding of programming/scripting in a language like Java, Bash, Python, or Ruby



No Coding Challenge. Video-Response/Essay Questions Only.
  • Data Scientists extract knowledge & insights from structured or unstructured data.  They draw upon the practice of data analysis, using predictive analytics, data mining, pattern recognition, data modeling, machine learning, and various statistical methods in order to solve large-scale optimization problems and understand the meaning behind vast data sets.
  • Implement & validate predictive models, and create & maintain statistical models with a focus on big data
  • Communicate with internal & external clients to understand business needs and provide analytical solutions
  • Partner with other scientists, engineers, and database administrators of all backgrounds and disciplines to bring analytical rigor and statistical methods to the challenges of predicting behaviors
  • You have strong technical and analytical abilities, and some experience with programming/scripting in a language like Java or Python
  • You have a basic understanding of statistical programming in a language like R or SAS
  • Must have basic knowledge of statistical concepts like regression, time series, mixed model, Bayesian methods, and clustering to analyze data & provide insights