System Engineer

A³ by Airbus Group, Sunnyvale, CA

The Future of Flight

As a System Engineer, you will report to the Chief Engineer at Wayfinder. You will support a rapidly growing team in the development of complex systems involving both software and hardware workstreams. Working closely with design engineers, certification, safety, and security specialists, you will ensure systems on the vehicle and on the ground are developed and operate as a cohesive whole. You will also ensure continual alignment of all stakeholders, flag potential deviations, and provide insights for a more effective coordination of engineering activities.


  • Conduct trade studies and functional analyses, develop and maintain configuration management system
  • Define, collect, and maintain requirements, specifications, and technical documentation
  • Ensure traceability and compliance throughout design, verification, and validation in accordance with industry standards
  • Support the Chief Engineer in making strategic decisions on system design and architecture


  • Bachelor’s degree in aerospace and/or system engineering or a related discipline
  • 4+ years of professional system engineering experience in aerospace
  • Familiarity with requirement management tools, model based system engineering tools and product life-cycle management tools
  • Ability to effectively communicate across different teams and stakeholders
  • A flexible, get-it-done attitude to contribute across the project as needed

Strong preference:

  • Knowledge of aerospace standards (ARP4754, ARP476, DO-160, DO-178, DO-254) or the automotive industry (ISO 26262)
  • Experience with certified hardware (camera, radars, computers) and software
  • Experience in performing component evaluation, selection, and testing
  • Experience with general aviation aircraft operations


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