Avionics Test Engineer

A³ by Airbus Group, Santa Clara, CA

The Future of Flight

As an Avionics Test Engineer, you will report directly to the Avionics Lead Engineer and your responsibilities will include:

  • Unleash your creativity to architect and build robust hardware and software test  platforms for the avionics, actuators, and sensors of Vahana;
  • Monitor flight test events in real-time at the test range and contribute to post flight data analysis;
  • Lead test campaigns on avionics components and subsystems and write test plans and test reports;
  • Enhance Vahana hardware-in-the-loop test automation platform and simulation environment;
  • Develop innovative strategies to improve test coverage within a fast paced environment;
  • Support our continuous integration workflow by enabling automatic deployment and testing of the latest code updates;

We expect that you will have the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant subject such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering;
  • Track record of system testing and data analysis;
  • Mastery of Python and Object Oriented Designs and Linux;
  • Exposure to data bus protocols (TCP/IP, Arinc 429, RS422/485, CAN...).
  • Familiarity with Robot Framework or similar test automation tools;
  • Familiarity with development and test processes supporting aircraft certification (ARP4754, DO-178B/C and DO-160);
  • Ultimately, we need you to be able to enjoy the fun, excitement, and fast pace of A^3.

A3 is the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus, a leading supplier of large commercial aircraft, helicopters and defense products. The mission of Airbus is to make things fly.

Our job at A3 is very simple: we seek to disrupt Airbus (and the competition) before anyone else can. And in the process, we are setting out to build the future of flight.

At A3, we execute projects and foster partnerships. Projects are ambitious, risky, time-constrained undertakings that culminate in a demonstration at convincing scale—something that’s more than a mere prototype, but somewhat short of a product. Our team is defining the future of mobility, designing and developing Vahana, an innovative autonomous flying vehicle for individual passenger and cargo transport.

By the way, you might be interested to know that we offer a killer benefits package as well as a flight training benefit, just in case you don’t already have your pilot’s license!

A3 by Airbus is an equal opportunity employer in every category. The data is incontrovertible that diversity leads to better teams, better performance, and better results. Consequently, we actively seek candidates of all genders, backgrounds, and experiences.

All job offers at A3 are contingent upon the candidate passing an export control check.

About A³ by Airbus Group

Mission Imagine a world without boundaries, free of constraints. It’s a place to innovate, to discover, to create, to explore. Enter this world with your eyes wide open, with your ideas intact as you journey into the unknown. Dare to redefine the future. We are the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus, a global leader in aviation and aerospace innovation. We believe that the future is created through episodic disruption with intervening periods of incremental innovation. Our mission is to build the future of flight now. We solve big problems by employing world-class experts and by developing fertile partnerships. Our projects are built on rigorous analysis, novel insights, and commitment to unreasonable goals. Exploration is unsettling, and only when we disrupt Airbus, its competitors, and the entire industry will we consider our goals achieved and our mission a success. Join us on our bold voyage.

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