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We’ve built an extraordinary team of engineers, product-innovators, and industry experts fully devoted to creating the operating system for our financial world. And we’ve brought together hundreds of clients, representing over a half-trillion dollars in assets, who believe in our vision of a platform on which all financial information is private and secure, while also being easily, and quickly accessible by the right people. This all seems like common sense. Innovation. Transparency. Access to your data. Allowing for greater financial health for all. But it’s far from how things work today. We’re changing that.

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Data Solutions

Data Feeds Analyst

Mountain View, CA

Data Operations Analyst

Salt Lake City, UT


Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA

Salesforce Administrator

Salt Lake City, UT

Software Engineer

New York, NY

Exec + Admin

CFO Executive Assistant

Mountain View, CA

Relationship Management

Relationship Manager

Salt Lake City, UT



Client Support Analyst

Salt Lake City, UT