Security Engineer

Addepar, New York, NY

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As a Security Engineer, you will have a central role within the company, working with the security, DevOps, IT, and Product teams to ensure that we are not only defending our perimeter, but also looking forward to stay one step ahead of bad actors. You will be using your breadth of security experience to iterate on the security roadmap - be it in the realm of application security, infrastructure security or even organizational security.

Addepar’s Security and DevOps teams focus on making our platform secure while not adding additional burden on users, employees or ourselves. You will need experience in both offensive and defensive aspects of security, with the drive to automate as many tasks as possible. Experience in Java, Python, and JavaScript is preferred, but not strictly necessary.


  • Work with the Addepar DevOps team to improve security monitoring and alerting.
  • Both reactive and proactive Incident Response.
  • Work with the product development team to review new features from a security perspective.
  • Security automation - what a human can do, a computer can do better. Automate regular tasks using Python, Gauntlt, etc.
  • Define, implement, and iterate on infrastructure security initiatives.
  • Perform code reviews on any changes impacting security.
  • Evangelize security and secure coding practices across the engineering team.
  • Assisting on SOC2 Audits, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery efforts, etc.


  • 4+ years of relevant work experience on an internal security team, working both on the offensive and defensive sides of security.
  • Hands-on experience triaging and understanding the root cause of security bugs.
  • Experience performing application security assessments, and penetration testing.
  • Self-motivated, proactive attitude with a security mindset.
  • Experience in building/setting up security tools to automate recurring tasks.
  • Ability to review logs from a security standpoint and identify anomalies.
  • Development experience in Java, JavaScript and/or Python.
  • Experience performing source code reviews.
  • [Bonus] Strong background in software development and engineering.
  • [Bonus] Demonstrated experience contributing or collaborating with Open Source projects.
  • [Bonus] Participation in Bug Bounties.
Addepar is the financial operating system that brings common sense and data-driven investing to our financial world. Addepar gives asset owners and advisors a clearer financial picture at every level, all in one place. It handles all types of assets denominated in any currency. With customizable reporting, financial advisors can visualize and communicate relevant information to anyone who needs it. Secure, scalable, and fast, Addepar is purpose-built to power the global financial system. Hundreds of single and multi-family offices, wealth advisors, large financial institutions, endowments, and foundations manage over $900 billion of assets on the Addepar platform. Addepar has offices in Mountain View, New York City, Salt Lake City, and Chicago.

At Addepar, we rely on a range of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. We value diversity, and we’re proud to be an inclusive, equal opportunity workplace. 

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We’ve built an extraordinary team of engineers, product-innovators, and industry experts fully devoted to creating the operating system for our financial world. And we’ve brought together hundreds of clients, representing over a half-trillion dollars in assets, who believe in our vision of a platform on which all financial information is private and secure, while also being easily, and quickly accessible by the right people. This all seems like common sense. Innovation. Transparency. Access to your data. Allowing for greater financial health for all. But it’s far from how things work today. We’re changing that.

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