Project Manager for Mental Health Startup | Mental Health Incubator Startup @ Harvard i-lab, non-profit

Affect Mental Health, Boston, MA


At Affect Mental Health, we’re building a non-profit Y combinator (startup incubator) to build breakthrough products in mental healthcare. We need products that are as impactful as Facebook and Google in mental healthcare. 

Be a member of the founding team that grew from the Harvard and MIT communities with expertise in fields such as healthcare economics, user experience design, molecular neuroscience, and computational biology. We are participating in the Harvard Venture Accelerator. As part of this team, you will learn how to be an entrepreneur. Two years ago, our advisor experienced the two most transformative months of his life participating in this program. He started with zero business experience and learned how to figure out what product to build, how to build it, and how to construct business models. At the end of the program, he raised $10M to start his company. By joining us, you will gain these superpowers!!

In addition to financial capital, entrepreneurs need resources to build transformative products/services in mental healthcare. Regardless of the product, every product team will need access to users who can give feedback and stakeholders who shape the business model. We will begin by building a network of 3P's (patients, providers, and payers) for our product teams so they don’t have to waste time doing this. We will also run a concierge service where our ninjas will get whatever products teams need to be successful. This is our secret sauce--what makes us better than other incubators. We are looking for a Project Manager to lead our Secret Sauce team.


  • Lead our Secret Sauce team to identify and obtain the resources needed to build transformative mental health products
  • Identify the needs of the world's best entrepreneurs and product people
  • Build the network of 3P's (patients, providers, payers)
  • Operate a concierge service that obtains any resources needed by our Product team
  • Orchestrate your team’s efforts with our Product, Recruitment and Fundraising teams

Requirements, you are

  • Deeply passionate about mental health and education
  • Meticulously organized and can handle juggling 1,000 things
  • A great navigator: constantly testing hypothesis and outlining strategy for pivoting when needed
  • Personable: highly empathetic, comfortable interfacing with end-users on sensitive topics
  • Awesome storyteller: inspiring communicator (written + oral)
  • Relentless learner: you want to maximize your experience with us and learn as much as you can


  • Sound understanding of design-thinking processes
  • Insatiable curiosity around why products succeed and what delights users
  • Experience building an operations/logistics team
  • Appreciation of puns
Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprisesunafraid of transforming traditional approachesthat tackle stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare.

Are you in? 

NB: At this moment this position is unpaid. For candidates who are University /co-op we gladly invest best efforts in assisting you in securing of educational internships (for credit), financial stipends, financial fellowships or financial scholarships.

About Affect Mental Health

We seek to harness contemporary innovations in science and technology to address the challenges of stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare. Affect provides the best entrepreneurs and product professionals the protected time and resources they need to build products and services on a global scale. By providing these resources, we will empower, support and nurture a community to accelerate mental healthcare solutions. Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprises unafraid of transforming traditional approaches to mental health.

Affect Mental Health

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