Software Engineer, Android (China)

Airbnb, Beijing, China

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About The Team

In China, international travel spend is already greater than the US and growing much more quickly. China is an important part of our Airbnb global community and the travel network we have built globally has positioned us to provide Chinese guests with unique travel experiences and help them belong anywhere. 

The Beijing engineering team will help to build a strong and fast feedback loop to adapt our product according to local needs. The team will improve the site/app speed and experience for Chinese users, localize the existing product to deeply integrate with local norms (e.g., allow WeChat sign in / sharing, payment with Alipay, etc.) and build new products that culturally make sense to Chinese users.

We’re looking for Android engineers who are thoughtful, responsible and passionate individuals who appreciate user experience. We’re looking for someone who is not only well versed in mobile development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX and is excited to learn about and contribute to the server side. We believe that great product people use lots of products, so if you’re an active user of Airbnb, we are listening.

We are looking for Android engineers with:


  • 2+ years industry experience on Android development
  • Exceptional proficiency using Java or Kotlin programming language.
  • Strong motivation to drive impact by making product improvements. Or experienced with product infrastructure, performance optimization, app size reducing, H5, React or Hybrid development.
  • Strong analytical thinking, experienced with making product decisions based on data and A/B testing.
  • Proactiveness, good communication and fast learning.
  • Working proficiency in English and Mandarin required.


  • Responsible for developing Airbnb Android app, write high quality and maintainable code, conduct high quality code review.
  • Closely work with product managers, designers, and data scientists to define product requirements and build the user-interface for an end-to-end trip, run A/B test and iterate the product based on the data analytics.
  • Or responsible for the performance optimization in Airbnb Android app, build fundamental and general components like Map and Hybrid framework.
  • Improve the code structure and architecture in the codebase.





  • 两年以上Android平台开发经验
  • 熟练使用Java或者Kotlin编程语言
  • 有较强的产品意识,对优化产品的用户体验有自己的见解。或者有基础架构开发,性能优化,包体积优化方面经验,熟悉H5,React, 或者混合开发。
  • 对数据敏感,能够对产品进行数据分析或者AB测试的优先
  • 有强烈的责任心和团队精神,善于沟通和合作,有较强的自驱动性
  • 能够利用英语进行读写交流


  • 负责Airbnb Android app的开发,编写高质量高维护性的代码,进行高质量的code review
  • 和产品经理,设计师以及数据科学家合作,深度参与产品的需求讨论,功能定义等。独立负责产品功能的开发,进行AB测试,基于数据分析进行功能迭代
  • 或者负责Airbnb Android app的性能优化,开发通用的基础组件和功能(比如地图,混合开发框架等)
  • 负责优化代码结构,持续优化架构

About Airbnb

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