Digital Fabricator / Prototyping Lab Manager (Contract)

Airbnb, San Francisco, California

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 ** An online portfolio is required to apply **

Samara is a design studio at Airbnb exploring new attitudes towards sharing and trust through hardware and software. This role is responsible for overseeing the operations of Samara’s prototyping workshop. Learn more about Samara here: samara.airbnb.com


  • Preparing CAM files for digital fabrication
  • Fabricating parts with CNC milling machines
  • Fabricating parts with a laser cutter
  • Fabricating parts with hand tools
  • Finishing and post-processing parts
  • Performing regular machine maintenance
  • Maintaining workshop and inventory in order
  • Preparing part drawings for vendors
  • Communicating with vendors and ordering parts production
  • Sourcing raw materials

Minimum qualifications:

  • CAD Software (Solidworks)
  • Experience with CAM software (G-Code editing)
  • Experience with CNC machining, laser cutting and 3D printing
  • Basic workshop skills (hand tools, bench drills, miter saws, cut-off saws, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of materials (metals, plastics) and fundamental concepts of mechanics (stress, strain, etc.)

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience and knowledge of high volume manufacturing methods (injection molding, casting, sheet metal forming, etc.)
  • Knowledge of manufacturing and raw materials vendors in the Bay Area
  • Electrical engineering and wiring skills
  • Soldering and welding skills
  • FEA skills

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