UI Designer

Airtable, San Francisco, CA; New York, New York; Seattle, WA

Create, your way.

Our mission at Airtable is to democratize software creation so that teams can collaborate the way they want to, not how an app says it’s gotta be. Every community, curator, and corgi parent has different goals, and their potential amplifies if they have the right tools to help get work done. 

We’re looking for visual designers to work alongside product and brand designers, researchers, and writers — plus the broader set of cross-functional peers — to contribute to this challenge from start to finish. 

Airtable has some operating system-like challenges, like more sophisticated window management and a variety of features and interaction design paradigms to support. It’s also highly collaborative, so, if socially-oriented tools are of interest, you’ll see plenty of opportunities here. Finally, it’s data-centric, so we’re always scheming up new canvases for folks to work more intuitively based on the type of information at hand. It’s a little less about charts and graphs, and about more grids, kanbans, timelines, galleries, and other highly editable views.

What you'll do

Create visual clarity

Airtable’s interfaces can be information dense. You’re excited about these visualization challenges, and know how to provide information hierarchy and focus when there’s a lot going on. 


Design systems are a challenge. You know how to systematize in pragmatic, high leverage ways so that the right things are consistent, the right attributes are flexible, and you’re able to provide direction and guidance at scale. 

Realize our brand

Creating a product that clearly embodies brand principles is easier said than done. We want to get beyond the easy plays: consistent illustrations, animation guidelines, etc. You’ll work with our brand designers to help create the right sorts of alignment — sometimes literally consistent, other times spiritually so — and also play facilitator to help our product designers do so, too. 

Get the details right

You’ll design and ship extremely high-quality features and workflows and feel a veritable sense of ownership throughout the process. This responsibility comes with all the trappings of what it means to be a sharp designer: generating your own ideas, collaborating with teammates and stakeholders to refine them, crafting mockups and prototypes with polish. You’ll partner with engineering and understand technical constraints and how to make pragmatic tradeoffs on your designs. 

Help our design team thrive

The design culture at Airtable is a living, breathing group effort. You’ll be regularly contributing to critiques, hosting working sessions, and growing our design system.

Who you are

You’re an experienced Visual Designer

...and have a portfolio of thoughtful, product-centric work to show for it. 

You’re a lifelong learner

Your work’s details and nuances are important to you, and you never feel “done” learning the craft. 

You gravitate towards complex problems

There’s no shortage of challenging, tangly problems to solve at Airtable. If the ideas of mind-boggling ambiguity, torrential brainstorming, and feeling overwhelmed by possibilities have you nodding “yes” at this screen, we have some ideas about what you can work on. 

You like saying “we” more than “I”

Your team will be a collaborative bunch, and you’ll be working closely with other designers (both product and brand), writers, engineers, PMs, data scientists, researchers, and more. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

You just go for it

There are lots of opportunities to have a measurable impact as a self-starter at Airtable. You don’t hesitate to champion a good idea until it turns into something that works. 

You’re not afraid to ask a “spicy” question

Growing our product, team, and culture means reflecting and sometimes challenging our practice and approach. We are open to adapting and growing. 

You inspire your colleagues to be the best versions of themselves.We authentically admire and respect each other, and we think that motivates us to create great work. 

You can weather a growth spurt

Airtable has more than doubled in size since early 2020, and we’re not slowing down soon. Things change a lot around here – just when you have your head around a process, we outgrow it. We're looking for people who are patient with uncertainty and can help us rise to the occasion of each new moment in our company's rapid growth.

What We Offer 

  • We have your medical, dental, and vision insurance 100% covered (and your dependents covered at 80%)
  • High deductible health plan available with health savings account contribution
  • Complimentary One Medical membership for individuals and dependents
  • Monthly “Lifestyle Wallet” to use for benefits like personal fitness (e.g., gym memberships, fitness equipment, etc.) to pet care to nutrition coaching, and more.  
  • Complimentary mental health support via Modern Health Family planning support (fertility, adoption, and surrogacy)
  • Flexible and generous time off and sick time benefits
  • 16 weeks of parental leave
  • Annual Learning & Development wallet to support your career development
  • Emergency backup care for dependents 
  • Access to financial planning and legal support

About Airtable 

Airtable is working on the next computer revolution: one where anyone – even without technical training – can create customized applications that fit their needs, build more interconnected teams, and take part in a growing community of people who share what they create. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Airtable powers teams at more than 300,000 organizations around the world. Our most recent funding round valued Airtable at $11.7 billion and raised $735 million in additional capital, and we're just getting started!


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About Airtable

Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, teams use Airtable to organize their work, their way. Airtable is growing and looking for talented individuals to help us on our mission to give everyone the tools they need to organize their world.


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