Software Engineer

Airware, San Francisco

We help enterprises develop actionable insights with powerful drone analytics


Our Airware Cloud team is looking for an engineer who will be responsible for building the infrastructure to process data coming from sensors in the physical world and converting it into actionable insights. You will collaborate with the Airware Cloud team to expand our products, so our Fortune-500 customers can make smart decisions for their businesses based on geospatial data. Our ideal candidate authors highly performant code with an emphasis on quality and execution time, is self-motivated and

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, re-factor, optimize, and enhance platforms
  • Participate in the design and implementation of well-architected and scalable platforms through the evaluation integration and deployment of open source and commercial components
  • Work closely with designers and other developers in a tightly knit, agile team
  • Take on areas of technical ownership within the overall solution
  • Measure and optimize software and end-to-end system performance
  • Collaboratively work with internal and external domain experts to realize the total product vision as a comprehensive world-class solution
  • Proactively and continuously evaluate and address issues related to performance, stability, scalability, and extensibility of the systems
  • Work with a global team on integrations with software-as-a-service products, back office systems or mobile application features

Skills and Experience

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • 3+ years of professional experience with development technologies such as Go, Python, JavaScript
  • 1+ years of experience with using cloud platforms such as Kubernetes and AWS services, including RDS, Aurora, S3, SQS, Lambda and Kinesis
  • Familiarity with open source geospatial tools and imaging libraries, such as PostGIS, GDAL, OSSIM, OGR
  • Teamwork, not only design/coding, but also scripting, testing, deploying, monitoring, operating, reporting, anything to help team deliveries
  • Design and implement efficient, reusable, intuitive, flexible, extensible and testable code
  • Ability to optimize algorithm execution time with profiling and parallelism
  • Experience with third-party APIs and Web Services
  • Working knowledge of the general web application landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies
  • Experience with using Application logging tools such as ElasticSearch, FluentD, Kibana, Splunk etc.
  • Experience with Agile development, preferably Scrum
  • Experience with code management using Git
  • Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment with tools such as Jenkins or CircleCI
  • Demonstrated commitment to high quality user facing and back end code that is usable, maintainable and well thought out
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently
  • Self-directed learner who has quickly learned new programming languages
  • Open to modification of the work we do, based on customer feedback and other data we acquire
  • Experience with Docker is preferred
  • Experience with using application performance monitoring tools such as AWS X-Ray, Zipkin, NewRelic, DataDog, SysDig etc. is a plus

How to Apply and What to Expect

In addition to a resume, please include a short explanation of your background, accomplishments (links to past projects are always helpful), and what excites you about Airware. This will help us to get a multi-dimensional view of who you are and connect you with the right person at Airware.

Be prepared to have a detailed technical discussion with a member of our team over the phone or via video chat.

About Airware

Airware offers complete enterprise drone solutions that are built on the Aerial Information Platform, so that aerial data becomes an extension of a company’s existing data management systems. Airware enables companies to plan, capture, and analyze aerial data, all within an enterprise workflow. Based in San Francisco, Airware is a community of cross-disciplinary engineers with expertise in aerospace, robotics, geospatial, hardware and software, with an emphasis on curiosity, growth, and learning. We empower our engineers to work on the schedule that works best for them, work in the ways that make them most productive, and take complete ownership of their projects from start to finish.

Check out our opportunities at airware.com/careers or @airware on Twitter.

About Airware

What We Do Airware is an enterprise drone analytics company enabling enterprises to harness aerial data and turn it into valuable business insights that can be shared and acted on across sites, teams, and geographies. Our solutions enable enterprises to reinvent their organizations for the digital era by translating aerial data into business impact. Drones are enabling companies to more efficiently and effectively capture data, and Airware allows enterprises to integrate this data with existing information and workflows to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Want to learn more about Airware? Visit Airware's website.