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Algolia is the single best way to build search into your mobile app or website. An introduction Founded in 2012, Algolia’s mission is to enable every developer & product team to build consumer-grade search. With their hosted search API, developers benefit from the power of a lightning-fast engine with out-of-the-box support for a typo-tolerant, as-you-type search experience. Our mission Algolia strives to create a world-class developer experience & end-user experience. Using their API, Developers upload and sync the data they would like to make searchable. They can then configure relevance, including integrating business metrics like product popularity or likelihood to convert to a sale. Using front-end frameworks like InstantSearch, they can customize the search experience to create the perfect search experience for their users.

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Brand Design

Brand Graphic Designer

New York | Atlanta | Remote East Coast

Business Operations

Sr. Pricing & Packaging Analyst

San Francisco | Remote

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Associate

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco



Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco | Remote

Community Technical Writer

San Francisco | Remote

Developer Relations - Technical Ambassador

New York | London | Atlanta | East Coast Remote

Partner Engineering

Partner Engineer - Remote

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco | Remote

Partner Sales

Partner sales Manager - DACH

Paris | London | Germany

People Operations

Product Management

Product Manager, Growth

Paris | London | Remote

Senior Product Manager

Paris | London | Remote

Product Marketing Management

Product Marketing Manager

San Francisco | New York | Paris | London


Senior Recruiter

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco | Remote

Sales Operations

Global Revenue Enablement Manager

US | Remote | East coast

Head of Revenue Operations, AMER

US | Remote | West coast

Services & Support

Technical Account Manager

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco | Remote

Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect

Paris | London | Remote

Solutions Engineer

Solutions Engineer

London | Remote

Solutions Engineer

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco | Remote