Software Engineer - Android

Algolia, Paris

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At Algolia, we are passionate about helping developers & product teams connect their users with what matters most in milliseconds!

As an Android Engineer, your role will be to design, architecture and implement libraries to ease the integration of Algolia on Android. We want to build state of the art components ready to be used by thousands of developers, reaching millions of mobile users.
You will have a daily impact on both the User Experience and the Developer Experience provided by Algolia, and contribute to high-visibility open source projects.

The team is composed of engineers with different backgrounds and experience both in the industry and academia. The diversity works in our favor and you should increase it by bringing your experience, your knowledge and your point of view. Thinking differently is a plus, not a minus. We’re transparent inside the team both about our success and our failures. This way we learn, we accept our weaknesses and continuously strive to improve both personally and professionally.


  • Develop further InstantSearch Android, Algolia’s  widget library to ease the implementation of instant search experiences on Android ;
  • Maintain Algolia's Android API Client ;
  • Hack various demos/prototypes integrating our engine (data scraping/crawling, engine configuration, UX + design) on mobile ;
  • Have fun helping us deliver unique search experiences everywhere!


  • A solid foundation in Computer Science ;
  • 2+ years of programming experience in Android ;
  • Practical knowledge of at least one scripting language (Ruby, JavaScript, Python or PHP) ;
  • A passion for shipping quality code ;
  • Great oral and written communication in English.


  • Mobile web experience (Cordova, React Native…) ;
  • Experimenting with other tech around Android (Kotlin, Litho, ...).


  • GRIT - Problem-solving and perseverance capability in an ever-changing and growing environment
  • TRUST - Willingness to trust our co-workers and to take ownership
  • CANDOR - Ability to receive and give constructive feedback.
  • CARE - Genuine care about other team members, our clients and the decisions we make in the company.
  • HUMILITY- Aptitude for learning from others, putting ego aside.


  • Private Medical Insurance ;
  • Life and Disability Insurance ;
  • Business Travel Insurance ;
  • Relocation support ;
  • Company Canteen (high standard) ;
  • Flexible work hours and time off.


  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Coaching and sponsorship to participate and speak at leading industry conferences
  • Ongoing professional education opportunities through internal & external workshops, including public speaking, language learning (English/French)
  • Fun: we spend time together — team building, socializing and making tools that encourage getting to know teammates across offices and continents
  • Charitable contribution matching Unique referral rewards program: refer a candidate, and we’ll donate to your charity of choice
  • Corporate flats available for the first months of relocation and when you travel to different offices
  • Fully stocked kitchens
  • Team workouts
  • Meals & happy hours

About Algolia

Algolia is the single best way to build search into your mobile app or website. An introduction Founded in 2012, Algolia’s mission is to enable every developer & product team to build consumer-grade search. With their hosted search API, developers benefit from the power of a lightning-fast engine with out-of-the-box support for a typo-tolerant, as-you-type search experience. Our mission Algolia strives to create a world-class developer experience & end-user experience. Using their API, Developers upload and sync the data they would like to make searchable. They can then configure relevance, including integrating business metrics like product popularity or likelihood to convert to a sale. Using front-end frameworks like InstantSearch, they can customize the search experience to create the perfect search experience for their users.


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