DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure Analyst

AMARO, São Paulo, Brazil


AMARO is an omni-channel destination where customers can discover and buy a broad assortment from cool brands that match their lifestyle. Headquartered in São Paulo, our mission is to make it easy and delightful for all digitally minded consumers to find products that fit their lives and values.

Born in Brazil with global ambition, we design for how we believe the world should be, not what it is today. We are always growing together with our teams. It takes a more honest, accessible and clever approach to build our products and our customer experience. We are committed to understanding people's lives. It's in our DNA!

AMARO is looking for a talented DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure Analyst to design, improve and administer our Cloud Infrastructure through DevOps practices such as SRE, Monitoring & Anomaly Detection Automation, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Containerization, DBA and Systems Administration. The ideal candidate has a profound passion for DevOps and for delivering business value through technology.

This is a highly analytical role that requires a driven, self-reliant and generalist site reliability - cloud infrastructure - tooling - deployment engineer / systems administrator, aka DevOps.

What you'll do:

  • Administer and monitor our cloud infrastructure, including servers, load balancers, databases, caches, queues, etc
  • Implement SRE best-practices so as to ensure 100% uptime and data integrity of all cloud infrastructure
  • Improve our monitoring & logging solutions and implement automatic error/anomaly detection and notification solutions
  • Design and implement a continuous deployment pipeline for our digital products
  • Develop deployment and load-test tooling
  • Perform database migrations when needed
  • Manage access roles and policies
  • Implement IT security best-practices
  • Design and perform load (stress/traffic) tests on our application servers
  • Continuously optimize our servers and databases to achieve maximum performance

What your qualifications are:

  • BSc degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, systems analysis, mathematics or related fields
  • 1-3 years of solid experience in managing high-traffic and resilient cloud infrastructures
  • Advanced knowledge of AWS stack and DevOps technologies are a must
  • Basic knowledge in software engineering best practices and trends
  • Advanced English skills are required

Who you are & your beliefs:

  • Highly analytical and focused
  • Very organized and structured
  • Passion for technology, e-commerce, cloud infrastructure & DevOps culture
  • Entrepreneurial, driven and proactive
  • Excellent technical communication skills
Imagine if your job could impact millions of people's lives in a global scope. Along the journey, we are always looking for smart, humble, hard working and collaborative people who want to learn different skills, share their knowledge and grow together. We bridge the gap between business, technology and people and we always do the right thing.
We take hiring very seriously. Interviewing with us may include phone interviews, practical tests, on-site interviews, and a case study. Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.


About us AMARO is a digitally native women’s fashion brand that continously launches the latest international trends at disruptive prices. The brand sells omni-channel on www.amaro.com and via digitally immersive brick-and-mortar Guide Shops.

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