Senior Platform Engineer

Amino, San Francisco

Choose doctors with confidence

The Product Engineering team builds and manages all parts of the Amino web stack, from user interfaces to backend services and the servers that run them. In the Platform Engineering role, you will be contributing at all levels of our web platform to ensure our systems are reliable, performant, and easy to understand and extend. You will be collaborating with designers, product managers, data scientists, and engineers to develop user stories and bring them to life. The work you do will directly impact people and their ability to navigate and make informed decisions within the extremely complex US healthcare system.

As a Senior engineer, you will be expected to provide technical leadership across the Product Engineering team. You will have end-to-end responsibility for designing, breaking down, and shipping complex projects that will encompass the work of multiple engineers. You will be expected to mentor other engineers, and contribute to the coding and architectural standards for the team in one or more areas.

We are a small team who believes that success is a group activity; you should expect to learn from everyone at Amino and be excited to share your knowledge. You will play a big part in influencing the shape of the product and the technology we use, and will be empowered to make technical decisions and trade-off calls between scrappy ship-it pragmatism and the long-term maintainability of your code. Our current stack looks like:

  • Frontend: ES6/Babel 7, React 16, Flow, SASS, Jinja
  • Backend: Python 3 & 2, Flask, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, Spark
  • DevOps: Docker, CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins), AWS (among others: EC2, ECS, RDS)

What we expect to see:

  • Experience building web products that are scalable, both in terms of people who use the product and developers who expand upon on what you’ve built
  • Driven to make a positive impact on the world through your work
  • Passion for growing your skills and solving problems that you have never faced before
  • Energized by collaborating with others in a team setting
  • Meticulous about testing and verifying your work

Things you will work on:

  • Working on the backend of the Amino.com website, and the systems and services that support it
  • Collaborating with our head of security to ensure we keep Amino users’ data safe and secure
  • Architecting containerized production applications using Docker + a whole lot of AWS services
  • Designing efficient queries and evolving schemas over time for our Elasticsearch and *SQL systems
  • Building data pipelines that quickly and efficiently bring data from our backend warehouse through to production
  • Integrating with and ensuring reliable communication with third-party APIs
  • Developing in an Agile, test-centric setting

About the Team

We value patience, kindness, and generosity, and we love working in an environment of mutual respect where we are challenged every day. We take time to teach and learn from each other. We have different backgrounds and levels of expertise, and are unified by our passion for simplifying the complex and making a meaningful impact on the world through our craft.

We work on cross-functional teams with product managers and designers to build products from early-stage concepts all the way through to live web products. We work with the Data Engineering and Data Science teams to take raw metadata and analysis tables and turn them into fast, reliable services used by our website and backend products. We ship early and often.

We primarily write our backends in Python using Flask, and our frontend is built using a toolkit of ES6/Babel, React, SASS, and Jinja. We run our systems using Linux, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and Spark. We use Docker to help develop and test exactly the code we run in production. We make use of many managed ops tools in the AWS ecosystem (EC2, ECS, Elasticache, RDS, Cloudwatch, Terraform) to accelerate our work. We strive for full test coverage to enable us to move quickly and refactor without fear. We make use of continuous integration to automate as much as possible, and practice thorough and thoughtful code reviews to support each other and provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing.

For additional context, please take a few minutes and get more insight into our Engineering Culture.

About Amino

Amino is a healthcare transparency company that connects everyone to better, more affordable care. Only Amino’s data covers nearly every doctor in America and billions in healthcare spending. Amino’s free consumer products deliver personalized results to help people easily estimate their costs and book appointments with doctors, hospitals, and imaging centers. Additionally, employers, providers, and other industry leaders rely on Amino to create a more efficient healthcare marketplace with higher quality, lower cost, and more convenient care for everyone. The company is based in San Francisco and is backed by Accel, CRV, Highland Capital Management, Rock Health, and notable individual investors.

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