Executive Assistant

Amperity, Seattle, WA

Amperity Empowers Brands by Unlocking All Their Data

Amperity is more than just a leading Customer Data Platform — it's a unique mix of people, technology, and opportunity. The people are whip-smart, deeply committed, and energizing. The technology is multi-patented, AI-powered, industry-shaping customer data management software that we invented because there was no way to solve the problems that we wanted to help consumer brands overcome. The opportunity is twofold: a market opportunity to provide a solution that consumer brands have been trying to find for decades, and a personal opportunity to grow and learn and hitch your career to a rocket ship. 

Since our founding in 2016, Amperity has been growing 2.5X year-over-year. We've raised $187M in funding, including a recent Series D that increased our valuation to over one billion dollars. We're going places, fast, and we want you to come with us. 

We help top brands make sense of massive amounts of transaction and engagement data so that they can finally know who their customers are, what opportunities exist, and how to provide the kinds of experiences that delight consumers and move the business metrics that matter. Our customers include Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Patagonia, Kroger, J. Crew, Brooks Running, Planet Fitness, DICK's Sporting Goods, and many more. 

We're building something that's never existed before, and we're doing it in a way that's great for consumers, transformational for our customers, and career-making for the members of the Amperity team. Come help us make it happen! 

The Role

The Workplace Experience team at Amperity ensures the company is able to efficiently and effectively scale, expand, and pivot to achieve the company’s objectives - our Vital Few. As the calendar and travel  Assistant, you will provide personalized support to our COO, CMO & CSO. You’ll help keep the train on the tracks and will know you’re successful if your executives are where they need to be when they need to be there. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Manage complex calendars and travel arrangements. You will help our C-suite to stay on top of their busy days by staying ahead of their every move. You’ll schedule and manage logistics of internal and external meetings, arrange travel and transportation, order and set up catering when needed,  prepare expense reports, greet customers and generally make sure things run seamlessly. 
  • Interact with industry leaders across technology and the world’s largest consumer brands. We’re a company on the rise and often find ourselves sitting at the table with some of the most recognizable names in the business world. You’ll build connections and coordinate with their staff to ensure deals are made and worlds collide (in the best way possible).
  • Be the driving force behind the c-suite executives you support. Our leadership lives and breathes Amperity, often blurring the lines between work life and personal life. You’ll work behind the scenes pulling the strings and making magic happen to help him easily transition between the two. You’ll develop a relationship with their personal network, including community leaders, family, and friends, to enable community and civic engagement, organize social activities, and celebrate milestone events.

About You

  • Your organization and time management skills are second to none. You multitask with the best of them, label everything in your home, never miss a deadline, and can be relied on to appropriately prioritize your never-ending list. 
  • You have a photographic memory (or are very good at faking it). Important dates, personal preferences, how people are connected… you have a way of remembering the details, keeping them straight, and pulling them out when needed.
  • You are a steel trap. You treat information with discretion and keep confidential information confidential. There’s no chance anyone can pry the secrets out of you. 
  • You genuinely enjoy helping people and are constantly looking for ways to support others. You have a deep sense of commitment and have been described as reliable, dependable, and loyal. There’s no question that when you say you’ll do something, it will get done.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You can adapt your style to the person, the group, or the setting, and no matter how challenging the situation, you remain professional throughout.
  • Your energy is off the charts. 


We offer all the benefits you’d expect from a great place to work: 100% employee healthcare coverage, transportation subsidies, a comfortable work environment with plenty of snacks, and other employee experience perks like events and activities, both in-person and remote. We also offer self-managed PTO and the flexibility to do your best work in the way that works for you. We provide an inclusive environment where you’ll be challenged to find and unlock your full potential, surrounded by a team of world-class people driving for excellence. 

Amperity is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

About Amperity

About Amperity Amperity is the Intelligent Customer Data Platform empowering global consumer brands to create unique and personalized experiences by unlocking all their customer data. Using machine learning and massive computing power, Amperity stitches together all of a brand's disparate data sources, forms complete customer profiles, and makes those profiles available to marketers and analysts. This complete, actionable data can be used to power customer 360 initiatives, acquisition, and retention marketing programs, and advanced customer analytics. Why We Built Amperity Amperity’s founders, Kabir Shahani and Derek Slager, spent years building marketing software for enterprises. During that time they were struck by how many companies used only a sliver of their customer data they already possessed for marketing and analytics. This was because at-scale data ingestion, identity resolution and actionability were pervasive challenges that consumer brands had neither the software nor the expertise to solve. This left them struggling to create meaningful customer experiences and to compete with Internet-first organizations. The Amperity team came together to help solve these challenges. Through the commercialization of advanced machine learning and by leveraging a large-scale, distributed data infrastructure and massive computing power, they created a platform that could rapidly and intelligently unify customer data at scale. By unlocking access to and usability for complete customer data, Amperity empowers consumer brand marketers and analysts to make smart decisions, create individualized experiences and bring their best ideas to life, all while driving top line growth. Amperity launched in September 2017, with a customer base that included many of the world’s most loved consumer brands. The Amperity team is thrilled to be part of this vibrant community and to be contributing to the vision of helping marketers and analysts use customer data to unleash their potential and to transform the future of consumer marketing.

Want to learn more about Amperity? Visit Amperity's website.