Senior Technical Consultant CATEGORIA PROTETTA

Aptos, Italy - Vicenza

Engaging customers differently… no matter when, where or how they shop.

A quick snapshot….
As a member of the PLM team you will provide high quality functional and technical delivery services
to Aptos clients on the PLM solutions. Our professional delivery team members provide detailed
functional and technical analysis, configure the PLM solution according to the Client’s needs, develop
the systems interactions/integrations, deliver reporting and provide trainings and post go live support

Why it’s a big deal…
This key role interfaces directly with Aptos’ clients to provide end to end services for vital processes
such as Product Life Cycle Management. Engaging our clients differently is more than just a tag line –
it’s part of everyday life for our professional delivery teams!

Are you the person we are looking for?
Strong troubleshooting skills and logic based thinking is your forte. This is an absolute must.
Your proven ability to analyze and apply logical thinking to determine the root cause of an issue or to
find the best way for implementing a requirement is fundamental to success in this role. Experience
with programming languages (SQL scripting, C#, .NET, HTML/XML, Python), would be a major plus!
Be prepared to share your experiences -- we’re looking forward to hearing them!
Resourcefulness and application. At Aptos, we have a pioneering spirit -- when we have questions,
we find answers; when we’re faced with challenges, we find solutions. We turn to a variety of
resources, including our own colleagues, our professional network, the Internet, articles and books --
whatever helps us get the job done. You are proactive about ongoing learning to better your
knowledge about Aptos software and our customer needs.
Expert relationship builder and customer service enthusiast. It’s important that you genuinely
enjoy building relationships. It’s not enough to simply be nice to others and enjoy working with others
–the right person will be truly interested in getting to know our clients and their business, in an effort to
provide the highest level of service and support.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills. You’re not just comfortable engaging in
collaborative discussions, but initiating them, too. You are skilled at reading and adapting to different
communication styles. When you speak you are clear and concise. Your strong listening skills foster
connection with our clients and allows you to accurately collect the right information so you can
resolve issues in the most expedient way or provide the best configuration.

Here’s what will give you an edge…
Good understanding of Product Life Cycle Management. If technical experience is the #1 indicator
of success in this role, having a good understanding of Product Life Cycle Management is a close
Education. Successful completion of a Bachelor of Computer Science, or an Engineering degree is
highly preferred.
Languages. Proficient in English; French or German intermediate level speakers are preferred.

Passion. We know it when we see it. Passion is not saying how much you love what you do in your
most excited voice. Passion is revealed in your truest self. It’s about what you’ve accomplished; how
you want to grow; the ideas you have; your philosophies. It’s demonstrating through your words and
your actions that you truly believe in what you do -- and where you work. That it matters to you. And
that’s pretty cool.
Initiative. You don’t wait around for things to happen or for your manager to tell you what to do. You
are not afraid to ask questions. You’re not only proactive about completing your own work, but when
you sense the need to introduce an idea that will benefit the team or the organization -- even if it’s
outside your scope of work -- you take it on and own it. That also goes back to having a pioneering

Did we pique your interest?
If this sounds like the kind of job you would love in the kind of environment you would thrive in, please
drop us a line -- we’d love to hear from you!

About Aptos

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