QA Analyst

Aptos, United Kingdom - Leicester

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Job Summary

The main objective of the role is to develop and execute test scripts/procedures on the Aptos Group suite of applications ensuring that professional levels of quality are met and provide assurance to the quality of the software.

To work as part of the QA team in Leicester that operates in collaboration with other teams in UK and Italy. The role will involve responsibilities for co-ordinated work with Development, consultancy, delivery and support teams within the organisation.

Main Responsibilities

  • Candidates will be able to analyse the functional and technical documentation and produce test deliverables.
  • Capable of reviewing the functional documentation and feeding back any issues identified that could potentially minimise bug multiplication.
  • Be able to develop Test Conditions and Test Cases from the documentation available to achieve maximum coverage of the functionality under test.
  • Capable of producing Test Scripts/Procedures to a high standard that can be used by any Team member.
  • Able to follow Test Project Plans and manage their work load based on the timescales assigned for the project.
  • Be competent in Test Execution, root cause analysis and attention to detail.
  • Identifying, logging and reporting bugs/issues to developers
  • Managing bugs and issues assigned to a build or version release in an effective manner and follow through resolution to confirmation testing.
  • Competent in providing replicable steps of bugs and issues identified and able to explain and aid development in seeing the issues/bugs.
  • Tracking bugs and fixes through the development process.
  • Assisting in the creation of a regression test suite to ensure core functionality is consistent in new releases.
  • Working alongside the development team to ensure deadlines are met with uncompromised quality.
  • Be familiar with the IEEE829 Test Documentation standard and ISO 29119 Software Testing Standard.
  • Ensure that processes and procedures are documented to quality standards.
  • Undertake any appropriate tasks assigned by the senior management team.

Key Working Relationships

  • QA Manager
  • Close working relationship with QA team members
  • Development Team Members
  • Product Managers
  • Delivery Teams
  • Support Teams

General Duties

  • To work in a flexible manner on occasions in order to meet the deadlines for the team.
  • There may be the occasional requirement to travel on company business, including European travel.
  • Undertake any appropriate tasks assigned by the senior management team.

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