Director, Professional Services LATAM

Aptos, Mexico - Remote

Engaging customers differently… no matter when, where or how they shop.

A quick snapshot…

As a Director, Professional Services (PS), you’ll provide strategic direction and day-to-day leadership culminating in the successful implementation and installation of Aptos applications at customer accounts throughout LATAM.  You’re responsible for managing and facilitating the strategic development, budgeting, forecasting, implementation processes, and ongoing development of the Aptos retail suite of products.  Ultimately responsible for the complete success of project life cycles from sales support to post-live support by using demonstrated ability to define and incorporate the industry’s best practices. 

Why it’s a big deal...

The Director, Professional Services acts as Executive Leader to the customer, providing corporate resources to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  You’ll  drive and engage colleagues in the strategic direction for the Professional Services organization leading as a role model. You’ll collaborate with Sales group and the Client Development Executives to ensure achievement of revenue targets.

Here’s what we’re looking for?

  • Retail Software Industry experience
  • Client facing experience
  • Prior people management experience
  • Knowledge of project management methods and tools required
  • Prior experience in project management with an ability to problem solve complex issues
  • Capable of making decisions and asserting yourself in a positive way
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills are required

Here’s what will give you an edge…

Good understanding of Aptos services. This is what will truly set you apart from the rest. Only a few candidates will have the skills and experience outlined above in addition to a good understanding of our the various services we provide. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Passion. We know it when we see it. Passion is not about saying how much you love what you do in your most excited voice. Passion is revealed in your truest self. It’s about what you’ve accomplished; how you want to grow; the ideas you have; your philosophies. It’s demonstrating through your words and your actions that you truly believe in what you do -- and where you work. That it matters to you. And that’s pretty cool.

Resourcefulness and application. At Aptos, we have a pioneering spirit -- when we have questions, we find answers; when we’re faced with challenges, we find solutions. We turn to a variety of resources, including our own colleagues, our professional network, the Internet, articles and books -- whatever helps us get the job done. But it’s not just about using a variety of resources to gain knowledge -- it’s also about applying that knowledge to other areas of the job or business where it might make sense.

Initiative. You don’t wait around for things to happen or for your manager to tell you what to do. You’re not only proactive about completing your own work, but when you sense the need to introduce an idea that will benefit the team or the organization -- even if it’s outside your scope of work -- you take it on and own it. That also goes back to having a pioneering spirit.

Did we pique your interest? If this sounds like the kind of job you would love in the kind of environment you would thrive in, please drop us a line -- we’d love to hear from you!

About Aptos

Aptos drives growth for more than 1,000 leading retail brands with a pioneering spirit, authenticity, and a strong sense of community. We believe in doing things the right way, and we back it up. It’s that simple. You’re committed to advancing your business—to achieving higher goals and sustaining growth. We share that commitment, unconditionally. To fulfil it, we’ll work with you not just as providers but as fully engaged long-term partners. So while our technology matters, along with our services, experience and expertise, so do our values. Values determine not just what gets decided and done but how. They can make or break how confident and comfortable you are in working with our teams. That’s why we’re very clear about our values. And why the ones that underpin our relationship with you are the same ones that are actively reinforced in our workplace, day in and day out. Our values define our corporate culture. They drive performance. And they ensure that we always work together in the right way: with a pioneering spirit, a sense of community, and authenticity. It’s The Aptos Way.


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