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Aptos, Canada - Montreal, Quebec

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 A quick snapshot…

We are looking for an individual who is passionate about quality assurance. The quality assurance (QA) engineer will participate in development design sessions and provide feedback from a quality perspective.They will lead and define transitions to embed quality practices within our new platform’s engineering teams, including recommending tools to manage and execute QA practices.

Why it’s a big deal...

This is an opportunity to be part of enhancing and delivering a leading cloud e-commerce platform. As a QA Engineer, you will help the team deliver awesome software with quality. You will become an ambassador for quality driven software engineering practices, making sure the product is tested and delivered on time.

  • Perform tests to ensure the application respects business and technical requirements
  • Create and execute test cases & test plans according to product specifications
  • Perform manual testing on non-automated components
  • Automate test cases using the existing Aptos One automation Framework.
  • Communicate test progress & test results to stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Report defects, bugs, configuration issues, and other flaws
  • Analyze and enhance quality assurance processes as needed
  • Ensure the highest level of product quality is being released

Proven success with automation testing tools and technologies. This is a must! Your test experiences include planning, assessments, script development and maintenance. Experience with those applications would be an asset: TestRails, Jira, Confluence, Typescript, GOT, Webdriver IO, Protractor, Bitbucket, CircleCI, Cucumber, BDD, TDD.

Natural collaborator. You work effectively with developers and customers to draft test plans and test cases from an established set of requirements. You constantly seek opinions and solicit feedback in an effort to create the best work possible. It’s a team effort and you completely appreciate that.

Attention to detail. As you QA Engineer, you must have the ability to find things that others can’t by focusing on every detail of what you are testing.

Resourcefulness and application. At Aptos, we have a pioneering spirit -- when we have questions, we find answers; when we’re faced with challenges, we find solutions. We turn to a variety of resources, including our own colleagues, our professional network, the Internet, articles and books -- whatever helps us get the job done. 

Quality orientation. You rarely make mistakes because you have good processes in place to ensure that every last detail is correct. But in those rare occasions when errors are realized, you own them, correct them, learn from them, and then quickly adjust and communicate processes to ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen twice. It’s your transparency, authenticity and humility is what sets you apart from the rest. 

Here’s what will give you an edge…

Related experience. Prior work experience in an Agile environment is a plus as is knowledge of the retail/e-commerce space. If you have a background in the development space, that would be great! Also, we would love to hear about any certifications you have earned or courses you have taken to further your knowledge in your career and the QA space. Automation experience is definitely a nice to have.

Passion. We know it when we see it. Passion is not about saying how much you love what you do in your most excited voice. Passion is revealed in your truest self. It’s about what you’ve accomplished; how you want to grow; the ideas you have; your philosophies. It’s demonstrating through your words and your actions that you truly believe in what you do -- and where you work. That it matters to you. And that’s pretty cool.

Initiative. You don’t wait around for things to happen or for your manager to tell you what to do. You’re not only proactive about completing your own work, but when you sense the need to introduce an idea that will benefit the team or the organization -- even if it’s outside your scope of work -- you take it on and own it. That also goes back to having a pioneering spirit. 

Did we pique your interest? 

If this sounds like the kind of job you would love in the kind of environment you would thrive in, please drop us a line -- we’d love to hear from you!


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