PR and Social Media Specialist

Aptos, United States - Remote

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A quick snapshot…

As the PR & Social Media Specialist, you will focus on generating awareness for Aptos’ retail technology solutions across a variety of digital and traditional channels. 

Reporting to Aptos’ Global Communications Director, this role will support all areas of the Marketing Communications program with a heavy focus on social media management, public relations and thought leadership content development.  


Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • Manage corporate social media platforms spanning all geographies. This will include setting social strategy in adherence with social media best practices, social content development, social posting and monitoring, employee advocacy and social tools administration.
  • Write and publish content across digital platforms, including but not limited to website, blog and social media.
  • Interview SMEs, research topics and write accurate, on-brand and thought-provoking copy for a diverse set of materials including but not limited to blogs, case studies, emails and newsletters. 
  • Support global PR program, including development of press releases, bylines and other materials; and work closely with Aptos’ external PR agencies.
  • Monitor and track Aptos brand mentions across all media, social media and related platforms and ensure the brand is reflected accurately. 
  • Support internal communications and sales enablement as needed. 
  • Develop and report on criteria that measures the effectiveness of Aptos’ marketing communications program.

Position Requirements  

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, English or relevant field. 
  • A passion for and expertise in social media is required!
  • Must be an expert writer, editor and communicator who has a passion for writing and can turn basic topics or ideas into compelling stories.
  • Extremely high attention to detail with exceptional grammar and spelling skills.
  • Must have previous experience doing marketing communications, copywriting, social media and PR work for enterprise software / technology (SaaS) companies.
  • Retail industry expertise is strongly preferred. 
  • Must be a self-starter, able to work independently as projects are assigned and comfortable uncovering expectations, goals and needs to complete each project without direct guidance.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Other Attributes

  • Working knowledge of tools for website content management, social media management, employee social advocacy and media monitoring.
  • The ideal candidate will approach the technology space and our solution set with curiosity, and is comfortable understanding and writing about complex, sometimes technical, subject matter.
  • Candidate must be comfortable collaborating with colleagues of varying levels including executives and possess a global mindset, appreciating the opportunity to work with colleagues across geographies.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple issues and/or assignments with time sensitive deadlines.
  • Stay on top of industry news to inform editorial, blog and social media calendars.
  • Ability to take constructive feedback and revise work when necessary

Passion. We know it when we see it. Passion is not saying how much you love what you do in your most excited voice. Passion is revealed in your truest self. It’s about what you’ve accomplished; how you want to grow; the ideas you have; your philosophies. It’s demonstrating through your words and your actions that you truly believe in what you do -- and where you work. That it matters to you. And that’s pretty cool.

Resourcefulness and application. At Aptos, we have a pioneering spirit -- when we have questions, we find answers; when we’re faced with challenges, we find solutions. We turn to a variety of resources, including our own colleagues, our professional network, the Internet, articles and books -- whatever helps us get the job done. But it’s not just about using a variety of resources to gain knowledge -- it’s also about applying that knowledge to other areas of the job or business where it might make sense. 

Initiative. You don’t wait around for things to happen or for your manager to tell you what to do. You’re not only proactive about completing your own work, but when you sense the need to introduce a project that will benefit the team or the organization -- even if it’s outside your scope of work -- you put a proposal together, talk to the team about it, and own it. And that also goes back to having a pioneering spirit. 

Did we pique your interest? 

If this sounds like the kind of job you would love in the kind of environment you would thrive in, please drop us a line -- we’d love to hear from you!

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