PhishGuard - Triage Response Analyst - Intern Spring 2022

Area 1 Security, Remote

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Duration: Full-Time

Our team builds new technologies that protect millions of people from phishing attacks. We aspire and succeed to reach far beyond today’s security market.

We are seeking a talented PhishGuard Triage Response Analyst to identify, track, and defeat sophisticated targeted cyber attackers as part of our new PhishGuard team. In this position, you will examine and mitigate phishing attacks in realtime.

As a Triage Response Analyst, your experience, thinking, and action will be the key to our success. You will identify Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of ongoing Cyber Attacks in the real world. You will collaborate with our team to develop new ways to present and interact with our insights. You will stop the adversary. You will show the world how the adversary works.


  • Incoming 2nd or 3rd Year Undergraduate enrollment at US College Degree Program in one of the following majors: Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Security, or Computer Security. Sorry, graduates of these programs will not be considered for this opportunity. Graduate students are also ineligible for this position.
  • Current GPA of 3.1 or higher. GPA proof will be required.
  • Ability to synthesize technical information and document it in a non-technical manner including through graphical and verbal depictions
  • Excellent english writing skills
  • Experience with Domain Names, IP Addresses, Emails (Subject, From, To, Addresses), Hyperlinks, DNS, IPv4, IPv6


  • Experience with Phishing Attacks
  • Experience with Email Header Analysis
  • Experience with Yara
  • Experience tracking and analyzing cyber campaigns utilizing technical Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
  • Experience with malicious file formats such as Microsoft Office Documents, Adobe PDFs


  • Identify new threat Tactics Techniques and Procedures used by cyber threat actors
  • Maintain up-to-date awareness of computer network exploitation and attack tools and tradecraft, threats and vulnerabilities, and respective countermeasures
  • Write Reports On Sophisticated Attacks
  • Maintain up-to-date awareness of computer network exploitation and attack tools and tradecraft, threats and vulnerabilities, and respective countermeasures
  • Develop and refine signatures in multiple formats (Yara, IOC, Snort, and custom signature formats)


  • This is a spring 2022 position.

About Area 1 Security

We’re a performance-based cybersecurity company, changing how businesses protect against phishing attacks. At Area 1 Security, we’re accountable to you: that means we believe you should pay only for cybersecurity that works. If it doesn’t protect you, why invest in it? Our anti-phishing solution stops the attacks that cause nearly all the damage—that dangerous one percent that other solutions miss. Because we’re confident in our superior capability to protect customers, we’re setting a new standard in the industry: unprecedented, performance-based protection. Plus, since our solution is cloud-based, you can be protected within minutes of signing up.

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