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What we're about Our mission is to empower companies to create remarkable marketing journeys. Every day Autopilot helps companies of all sizes and industries to automate their marketing, rekindle old customer relationships, reach new audiences, and grow their bottom line. Our Story Autopilot was founded in 2012, by three Australian brothers, Mike, Chris, and Peter, while living in Bondi Beach, Australia. After years of pain and frustration stitching marketing tools and data together for some of Australia's leading tech companies, they recognized a clear gap in the market for marketing automation software that is as easy to use as a whiteboard, that plays nicely with other technologies, and can be tried and bought right over the web. Autopilot has grown rapidly to support millions of contacts, raise $32M in funding, and launch the industry’s first self-service, multi-channel marketing solution.

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Sydney, Australia

Customer Success

Customer Success Manager

Sydney, Australia

Customer Support

Live Chat Agent

Sydney, Australia


Senior Software Engineer

Sydney, Australia


Product Content Marketer

Sydney, Australia


Account Executive

San Francisco, CA