Forward Deployed Engineer

Axoni, New York City

Distributed Ledger Specialists

Axoni develops novel blockchain solutions while focusing on the capital markets industry. In various production implementations, we have demonstrated that our blockchain software can serve multiple asset classes and use cases at the world’s most advanced financial institutions. Join us in our mission to further strengthen and scale our system and develop new blockchain solutions. We’re excited to have you become part of our high-performing team of software engineers.

Forward Deployed Engineers understand customer and user needs, and the capabilities of the blockchain platform, and design end-to-end solutions to address them. We work in a cross-functional capacity with platform engineers, business team members, and product management to ensure that our blockchain solutions work effortlessly on mission-critical production systems. Due to the distributed nature of blockchain, each of our projects involves collaboration between various financial institutions.

Range of Responsibilities

  • Build full-stack web applications for non-technical users to visualize operations on the chain
  • Architect and develop smart contracts
  • Design and implement APIs for interacting with our blockchain network
  • Gather data analytics for transactions and operations on the chain
  • Develop tools to integrate real-time data feeds with the chain
  • Work with our technical writers to customize runbooks and technical documentation to a specific client environment
  • Work with the founders and the core engineering teams as a key customer-facing engineer to help improve functionality and influence product roadmap

Relevant Skills and Experience

  • Experience in a scripting language (JavaScript, Python) and a compiled language (C++, Go, Java)
  • Experience with a relational database (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase)
  • Ability to explain technical problems or concepts in a clear and concise way to non-technical stakeholders and users
  • Familiar with best practices for Agile and Test Driven Development
  • Strong communication skills and a collaborative team member
  • Experience in front-end JavaScript and MVC frameworks (React, Angular) a plus
  • Knowledge of blockchain technology (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger) a plus
  • Experience in ETL (extract, transform, load) a plus
  • Smart contract development experience (Solidity) a plus

About Axoni

Axoni serves the world’s largest financial institutions and capital markets service providers with full stack blockchain solutions.


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