Software Engineer

Birchbox, New York

Birchbox is changing the way consumers discover and purchase beauty, and lifestyle products.

About Birchbox


Founded in 2010, Birchbox is a leading beauty and grooming retailer, offering an efficient, personalized way to discover and shop for new products. We redefined the e-commerce experience by pairing a monthly subscription of samples with a curated online shop featuring more than 800 best-in-class brands. Every month, subscribers receive five prestige samples tailored to their unique profile along with inspiring editorial content that creates a seamless path to purchase full-size versions of their favorites on Birchbox.com. In 2012, we launched Birchbox Man and expanded internationally, and in 2014, we opened our first brick-and-mortar store in Soho. Today we have more than one million subscribers and operate in six countries, including France, Spain, UK, and Belgium. Birchbox is headquartered in New York City.


Birchbox is looking for experienced Software Engineers that are obsessed with delivering the best possible customer experience, value software engineering best practices, and never forget about scalability and performance when designing code.

At Birchbox you will:

  • Take your ideas to the next level right away. We experiment, iterate, learn, and repeat.
  • Build things people love. Our goal is to surprise and delight our customers as much as possible. Great design, simple user experience, and access to data to make smart decision help us to achieve it.
  • Collaborate, with purpose. You’ll work in small groups with other talented thinkers and figure out how to make Birchbox’s software even better.
  • Work with people who care. We’re a group of talented professionals who pride ourselves on what we do. We’re smart, innovative, energetic, and lots of fun


Tech @ Birchbox

The technology team at Birchbox is responsible for development of the company's customer-facing sites in all six countries, managing hosted and cloud infrastructure, and closely supporting other teams (logistics, marketing, et al.) in our 230+-person global company. Our microservices platform is built on a wide variety of open-source technologies: Apache Mesos, Marathon, and Docker; Salt and Jenkins for automation and CI/CD; Apache Spark and Hadoop ecosystem tools; Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, and Scala backing our React.js customer sites. The size of our team and the breadth of its responsibilities means we rely on our engineers to be self-motivated and quickly follow through on tasks without requiring close supervision. In return our engineers are given leeway to use their own initiative.


Our team spans software engineering, technical operations, product, and data science. Our challenges include:

  • Evolving our software and systems architecture to support a rapidly growing customer base across multiple countries and languages.
  • Designing and implementing the best user experience for our customers; We are striving to revolutionize online retail.
  • Using data, complex algorithms, and statistics, to personalize the Birchbox experience for our customers, both offline and online.



You will have the opportunity to work with our team on all aspects of our technical infrastructure including:

  • Developing scalable backend services in key focus areas such as logistics, payments, and inventory management
  • Building our internal and developer APIs
  • Developing new user facing features for our incredibly engaged customer base across all markets
  • Working with our data science team to develop an infrastructure for personalization
  • Working with the entire team to provide a consistent, fast, and delightful, experience to our customers and partners



  • 3+ years professional software engineering experience
  • Experience developing in multiple languages including Java or C/C++ and Ruby, Python or PHP
  • Experience building restful services
  • Experience with large scale relational and non-relational databases
  • You have a solid grounding in computer science, you understand the efficiency of the code you write in terms of time and space, and you put thought into your choice of algorithms, data structures, and db schemas
  • You have a thirst for new knowledge, and responsibility.  You want to own projects in their entirety, and master new problem spaces and technologies.
  • You are compelled to excellence
  • You are pragmatic: sometimes a beautiful solution is impermanent and expedient. You know how to make the call.
  • You are persistent: it's a job, it has some grind, you know how to dig out a solution; at the end of the day it has to ship
  • You are joyful and take pride in what you do; we're a talented and diverse crew, lucky enough to be building something people really love



  • Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Computer Science
  • Startup experience
  • Experience relevant to E-commerce
  • Fluency in Spanish and/or French

About Birchbox

Birchbox is changing the way consumers discover and purchase beauty, and lifestyle products.


Want to learn more about Birchbox? Visit https://www.birchbox.com/