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Marketing Director / Senior Director

Blink is hiring a Marketing Director or Senior Director with a proven track record of managing marketing teams across the entire spectrum of marketing channels, driving successful direct-response and brand marketing outcomes. This role will be a CRM expert responsible to cultivate and grow the lifetime value of Blink’s customers across all of Blink’s lines of business, and will be responsible for customer acquisition and growth. Responsibilities include:

  • Owning all push channels (email, SMS, app notifications) across all Blink segments (D2C, Pharma, Clinical, Retail)
  • Responsibility for all patient-facing CRM, including retention emails and evolving toward ownership of Blink’s medication adherence programs. 
  • Also responsible for B2B marketing campaigns to health care providers, pharma sales reps, and other stakeholders who evangelize Blink on our behalf.
  • Managing all paid online marketing channels (SEM, Social, Display, Affiliates), ensuring Blink drives strong customer acquisition while meeting and beating efficiency targets for the ratio of paid spend against projected customer lifetime value
  • Oversight over Blink’s brand marketing strategy, including ownership of all brand marketing for the company (radio, TV, OOH)
  • Will have significant oversight managing Blink’s direct to consumer business, including reporting to the executive team on its performance and driving the P&L for the business
  • Will heavily influence and guide Blink’s product and engineering teams to create our product vision for marketing, ensuring Blink’s marketing capabilities stay ahead of the competition.
  • Will lead Blink’s marketing personnel to maximize staff productivity, running an efficient operation that can stay lean while keeping up with the demands and expectations of numerous internal and external stakeholders.
  • Will report directly to the VP of Marketing and Customer Growth and be responsible to clearly communicate the progress of Blink’s overall marketing efforts to all blink employees and the executive team.

The ideal candidate:

  • Will have 10+ years of experience managing marketing teams across a variety of marketing disciplines
  • Be an expert at customer relationship management with a proven record of standing up CRM systems (Braze, Salesforce, etc.) and operating them at scale in fast-paced e-commerce or healthcare environments
  • Have solid experience managing paid online campaigns, accurately measuring and balancing growth in CLTV against the effectiveness of marketing spend
  • Be intimately familiar and adept with measuring the success of various types of marketing campaigns, leveraging A/B test methodology and sound best practices in measuring campaign incrementally
  • Is an excellent communicator, easily networking will all the necessary internal constituents to achieve their goals.

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