Training Facility Manager

Braintribe, Vienna, Austria

Bridging Duality

Before you read any further, ask yourself… “Is this me?”

“I am looking for an organisation that offers innovative and purposeful work that will fuel my individual passions and enable me to grow both personally and professionally while working alongside other forward thinking people in one of Europe’s most promising IT startups.”

If this resonates with you, we encourage you to read on…

Company Overview: Braintribe

Braintribe, named Gartner Cool Vendor, is building the OS for Data. We are a global team of approximately 100 people (and quickly growing) with our HQ based in Vienna, Austria. Our platform, Tribefire, enables both developers and non-developers the ability to build data-centric products, apps and platforms, and our customers and partners are a small selection of Fortune 100 and 500 companies across different industries.

Your Role: Training Facility Manager

We a hiring a training facility manager based in Vienna who is a go getter and self starter with attention to detail for all tasks related to training marketing and organization, booking and scheduling, as well as the IT equipment handling. Such this interesting job is located at the interface of marketing, organization and technology. You will be responsible for the whole handling of our training offerings, from identifying training requirements and acquiring training vendors, over marketing, scheduling, booking and billing, to supporting the training onsite in technical and organizational matters. You will work together with people from interdisciplinary domains ranging from technology to business letting you expedite your personal and professional growth within a multinational company.

Your Credentials: You Are A Firestarter

  • The Required Experience / Knowledge:
    • Basic marketing knowledge
    • Experience in organizing trainings, events or similar
    • General knowledge of software applications
    • Experience in operating IT equipment
    • Customer orientation
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Fluent in written and verbal english.
  • The Nice-to-Have Experience / Knowledge:
    • Operating audio/video systems
    • Resolving IT issues

Our Culture: The Life and Times At Braintribe

  • Ownership and Autonomy are the greatest forms of self-identity at Braintribe. You are making an impact now.
  • Openness, Honesty and Transparency are at the heart of our business.
  • We are self-starters who work with the attitude “nothing is impossible.”
  • Our theme: “The power of the individual is as powerful as the world is infinite.”
  • Remember, in the end, culture forms the tribe.

Braintribe has our own compensation structure, but the following statement is noted to comply with the law: We offer a salary, which is conform to Austrian law (IT-KV) based on your experience/qualifications.

About Braintribe

About us Braintribe is an innovative software vendor with headquarters located in Vienna (AT) and main offices in São Paulo (BRA), Zürich (CH) and London (UK). The latest product, tribefire, is the Smart Enterprise Information Platform based on disruptive development approach and revolutionary technology. tribefire is the Big Data virtualization & modeling platform and is designed to unleash the real value of Big Data, Cloud and Mobility. Organisations like Fides, Samsung, Unicredit, Software AG and many more benefit from “incredibly fast time to solution for complex challenges”, “return on investment within the first year” and “70% increase in productivity”.

Want to learn more about Braintribe? Visit Braintribe's website.